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there are no rules because fallout wasteland scenario doesnt even exist, although that sounds like a good idea for a scenario game

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Q: What are the rules for Fallout Wasteland scenario paintball?
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LOAC are general rules that apply to any scenario ROE are specific rules telling us how to operate during a specific scenario?


What is phaser tag?

It is like paintball mixed with laser tag. Same rules as laser tag but you use paintball guns with rubber ammo.

What are millennium paintball rules?

Millennium has similar rules to the USPL, PSP, and any other paintball league. The difference is the firing modes. USPL is in semi, PSP is in PSP mode, and Millennium us obviously in Millennium.

How not to get scared playing fallout?

Do you mean Fallout 3? If you mean not getting scared of walking in the Wasteland waiting for a enemy to come out of nowhere its easy. Fire a bullet every once in a while. Also dont let them surprise you always regularly check the compass to see if there are any enemies nearby. Also dont freak out of some mutilated bodies just dont stare at them. If you follow these basic rules you can Fallout 3 till your eyes are the size of baseballs and its been 2 days after you started playing, and you still wont get nightmares!

If your gun is hit in paintball are you shot?

It depend on the rules of the game. Theoretically, you would just be disarmed.

What is the rules of the paintball game?

Each league is different, but they have similar rules. If you get hit and the paintball breaks on any part of your body, mask, or marker, you are out. If it doesnt, play on. If you are caught cheating, the ref can take another person out. No over shooting, and depending on the field, no bunkering.

Rules of the Game: Paintball?

In the exciting game of paintball, players either divide into teams or compete individually in a battle-like scenario. Of course, paintball is much safer than any true battle, as the opponents shoot capsules of paint at each other and not bullets. Still, paintball can be quite dangerous in many situations. Many people have gotten seriously injured while playing the game. But following a basic set of paintball rules can help to avoid injuries and keep the game of paintball safe. Referee To make sure that all players are following the rules and playing safely, an impartial referee is appointed to oversee the game. This referee is responsible for declaring the start of the game, stopping the game for paint checks, and announcing the end of the game. The paintball referee is also similar to referees in other sports, in that he or she is required to settle disputes between players or teams. Elimination A person is eliminated from the game, or declared out, when a paintball breaks against his or her skin, clothing, shoes, or any protective gear he or she may be wearing. When this happens, the person that has been hit must raise his or her hand, call out, and immediately exit the playing field. If the paintball hits the person without breaking, then the person is not eliminated. If a player is unsure as to whether or not he has been eliminated, he or she can call the referee out for a paint check, and the referee will decide if the player is eliminated. Minimum Distance Not all paintball fields enforce minimum distance rules, but many do. This rule is mainly used as a safety precaution, because being shot by a paintball gun from close range can be extremely painful and usually leaves a nasty welt. Minimum distance requirements vary from place to place, but typically range from ten to twenty feet. Overshooting Overshooting can be defined as the repeated shooting of a player after he or she has been eliminated. Overshooting rules are enforced at the discretion of the referee and the owner of the paintball field. Like minimum distance regulations, they are meant to protect the players from harm.

how to play with paintball?

Gather your equipment: You'll need a paintball marker (gun), paintballs, protective gear (such as a mask, gloves, and padding), and appropriate clothing for the weather and terrain. Choose a game format: There are various game formats in paintball, such as capture the flag, elimination, and scenario games. Decide on a game format that suits your group's interests and skill level. Set up the field: Paintball fields can be indoor or outdoor, and typically include obstacles and bunkers for players to hide behind. Designate boundaries for the field and any specific rules for the game. Divide into teams: Players can be divided into teams based on any criteria you choose, such as age or skill level. Assign a starting location for each team. Begin the game: Once all players are ready and in position, start the game. Follow the specific rules of your chosen game format, and use teamwork and strategy to outmaneuver and eliminate the opposing team.

How popular are paintball tournaments?

Well, there really isn't an answer to how popular paintball is. I play myself and it is one of the fastest growing extreme sports today! Chances are if you live i an urban area, than there will probably be a field or store less that an hour away. It already is huge, and I think someday there will even be Olympic paintball...

Is it legal to put your name on a paintball jersey?

Very much so.....But check with your local field to find out about any other aditional rules about paintball jerseys. MOSLTY ALL fields or events don't care. But i have NEVER seen a field that doesn't allow you to.

Are airsoft guns legal in Malaysia?

Check your town hall or go to your city website for rules or restrictions

N the scenario who fits the role of the troublemaker child?

In the scenario described, the role of the troublemaker child is likely filled by Emily, as she is the one who disrupts the game and causes conflict among the siblings by changing the rules.