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Big money for minimal effort

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Q: What are the pros of being a professional soccer player?
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What are the pros and cons for being a soccer player?

you usually poo on Chelsea players

What are the pros and cons of playing soccer profesionally?

The pros of playing soccer profesionally is that you get to play the sport that you love for a living. You also get to make great money while you are doing that.

What are the pros and cons for being a architect?

what are the pros and cons of being an architect

What kind of soccer ball the pros youse?

size 5

What has the author Robert Herbin written?

Robert Herbin has written: 'Soccer, the way the pros play' -- subject(s): Soccer

What are the pros and cons of being a neurosurgeon?

There are no pros and cons its what your heart wants.

Pros and cons about professional players?

Pros: Professional players tend to make a much higher salary than the average non-athlete, achieve fame and popularity, and will most likely receive special attention in public such as in a restraunt or dance club, and endorsments. Cons: Will become a target for paparazzi and criticism by sports writers. Possible death threats if playing in a international league (such as soccer). Private life will be tampered with. High expectations from the public. Expect a higher chance of being a victim to robbery. Notes: A professional player must be fit at all times as a single absence or act of improper sportsmanship may cause a quick end to a professional's career. There is hardly or NO RETIRE pension pay for professionals as a professional athlete works strictly based on a contract, not a company.

What are the pros and cons of being an art teacher?

can you give me 10 cons and 10 pros about being an art teacher???????

What are the pros to being short?


What are the pros of being a Zoologist?


What are the pros and cons of playing a professional sport?

There is no cons to be a pofessional at anything. To be a professional, means, that you are well paid and you have a good job.

Plural of pro used as a noun abbreviation of professional?

The plural of pro is pros.

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