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Knee and Elbow pads.

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Q: What are the proper pads for skateboarding?
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What are the laws on skateboarding?

were a helmet and pads aalways

You played skateboarding you were skateboarding What is the difference?

not proper grammar

What do they wear on their knee for skateboarding to be safe?

knee pads

Where can you find hip pads for skateboarding?

hip pads? what the heck?! this guy must be too old to start skateboarding! very funny! let's give him a round of a applause.

In skateboarding are Riser Pads better thick or thin?


Can you die from skateboarding?

yes but it will be safer to wear pads but also you should remember you can die from any sport skateboarding does have more of a risk though

What type of skateboarding equipment will prevent the most injury?

Skateboarding is a very dangerous activity and is responsible for many injuries and hospital visits. A helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads are the most important pieces of equipment for preventing injuries.

What type of safety gear is used for skateboarding?

Well you could wear Knee pads helments elbow pads and maybe even gloves :P

What is the benefits of a pro skateboarder?

They get paid a lot and get proper photography done of them skateboarding, you can get sponsored, be amazing at skateboarding, and every other reason!

If you go skateboarding what should you wear?

helement knee and elbow pads and skate shoes a long big cool T -shirt and pads and a skate board

What is the gear for skateboarding?

helmet pads. (optional) board. trucks. wheels. bearings. grip. bolts. dedication.

Are knee pads required for skateboarding?

No its not required but if you are a beginning where them so you won't get hurt but once you get better you can take them off.

What do you call wrist pads in french?

wrist pads for skateboarding or other sports: des protège-poignets for cushioning your wirsts when typing on the keyboard: un repose-poignets

Where can I find discount knee pads for skateboarding?

You can go to to get some knee pads. I would suggest you possible go to a store that sells knee pad to get the size right before you purchzase them online.

Is skateboarding like skateboarding?

skateboarding is 1/4 like skateboarding

How many people do you need to change brake pads?

One person with the proper knowledge and tools can replace brake pads.

What do you do if AED pads touch?

There must be a gap between the pads; one will have to be moved. If proper contact can't be made after the move, both pads will need to be replaced on the victim.

Do girls skateboard?

Yes girls do skateboard! I'm 13 and I just learned my 360 twist! And I love it! Its a great sport1 but if your just starting then you should wear a helmet knee pads and elbow pads because for beginners it can be dangerous! :D I love skateboarding around sho[rite and where all the other stores are! Its fun, I also love skateboarding in the MALL!

What is good about skateboarding?

It keeps you away from the video games, television, etc. it gives you exercise and you're outside constantly learning new ways to skateboard. it keeps you healthy because it is also exercise (but fun). skateboarding can be dangerous if you don't wear pads. some people say its not cool but is cracking your head open cool? no, so for a beginner, i recommend having pads.

Who invests in skateboarding?

skateboarding people......

What is better hockey or skateboarding?


List two pieces of safety equipment that children need to use when skateboarding?

Helmets and pads (knee and elbow) for sure. I would add gloves to the list.

What are the laws for skateboarding?

there are no laws to skateboarding , you do what you feel .

What is better for your health surfing or skateboarding?


How is skateboarding a sport?

Its not <----FAIL Skateboarding is a sport