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Q: What are the professional paintball teams in Australia?
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How many professional paintball teams are there?


What makes paintball a sport?

It has a professional league, teams, sponsors, referees, and an international community.

Are there any child paintball teams or clubs in East Anglia in the UK?

There are no "child" paintball teams anywhere.

What is the nppl?

It stands for National Professional Paintball League and is for some of the best teams in the sport of paintball. They play in a speedball format and in teams of 3,5,7 and 10. The NPPL hosts many events in the USA. If you are interested in learning more about NPPL events I would suggest buying some paintball magazines.

Why cant schools have paintball teams?

Actually several colleges have their own paintball teams. They even have a league. NCPA (National College Paintball Association). GO GATORS!

Do colleges allow paintball guns?

Generally dorms do not, however there are many universities that have paintball speedball teams, outdoor clubs with paintball trips and ROTC scenario teams.

How many paintball teams are there?

there are more the 45 Paintball teams in the world, recently the most hyped paintball team in India is Odyssey Wonders, they are being sponsored by Fun Addaa, which is India's first indoor paintball Arena

Are there any paintball teams for teens in seattle?


What country is the best in paintball?

America has the most paintball teams, as well as the most world cup wins

How many professional full time Aussie rules teams are there in Australia?

There are 16 teams with Gold Coast having made a bid for the 17th license.

What does NPPL stand for?

National Professional Paintball League

Can you go to high school on a paintball scholarship?

No. Paintball teams generally don't make enough money for scholarships.

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