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Athletes may score points based on the rules of the game. Example like football were players have to score by getting the ball to the opponents end zone with passion of the ball.

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Q: How do athletes score their points?
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What is the difference between music celebrities and athletes?

Athletes have to play before they learn the score; musicians learn the score before they have to play.

Who got 10 points out of 10 points in pommel horse in gymnastics?

Nobody has scored 10/10 on pommel horse before, however since the change in the scoring system many athletes can score over 10 points, although it's not a perfectly executed routine

How many points do you score outside the semicircle in basketball?

you score 3 points

In hockey how many points do you get if you score?

You get one points if you score a goal or an assist.

How do you score points in Australian football?

you score points in afl by kicking goals for 6 points and a behind for 1 point

If you shoot from the 3 point line in basketball will you score 6 points?

No, you will score 3 points.

What is an above average IQ score?

An average IQ score is 90 - 109 points. Technically anything higher than 109 points is "above average," although a "gifted" score is 130 points or more.

How many points does the winner of a table tennis match have to score?

The player has to score 6 points to win

Who can score the points in a badminton game?

any of the two teams can score though in the olden times only the team which was serving could score points

What is top score?

The highest score or points in a competions.

How many different ways can a basketball player score nine points in a game?

In basketball a player is able to score 1point, 2points, or 3 points. There are 12 possible ways to score nine points.

How many points does foreclosure decrease your credit score?

how many points dose foreclosure decrease your credit score

Who was the first basketball player to score 100 points?

Wilt Chamberlain was the first player to score 100 points.

How many points are scored in rugby?

You score 5 points for a try, and 2 extra points if that is converted. 3 points are on offer if you score a penalty or a drop goal.

What is the highest score on pacman?

3,333,360 points is the maximum score.

What are the score in badminton?

Score means the points made by you and your opponent.

Football how many points do you score from a td?


What are the maximum points for the ACT test?

In a standard ACT test, the maximum points you can get for each category is 36, and the maximum points for your total overall score (the composite score) is also 36.

How many career points did Wilt Chamberlain score?

100 points

How many points did Karl Malone score in his career?

36928 points.

How many points did the broder buck have?

43 score-able points

Who was the first person in the world to score 100 points in hockey?

Wayne gretzky was the first person to score a 100 goals in hockey (points)

Is Kobe Bryant the youngest player to score 25000 points?

Yes Kobe Bryant is the youngest player in the NBA to score 25000 points.

When shooting from outside the three point line how many points can you score?

You can score three points, unless you are fouled and given free throws.

Did pistol pete mariavich score 100 points in a game?

Well first of all, his name is spelled Pete Maravich. On average, Pistol Pete scored and an average of 44.2 points per game but his ultimate score for a game in history was 66 points so no, he did no score 100 points in a game.