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Setter, Outside Hitter, Liberio, Middle Blocker, and Right Outside

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2012-05-16 22:12:31
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Q: What are the positions of the players on a volleyball team?
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What are positions of players in a volleyball team?

Well, it's kind of hard to explain, but the positions are not hard to learn, it depends on how many players are in the team.

What are the players positions on a volleyball team?

the positions for volleyball are libero, setter, d.s., outside, middle, and right attacker, second setter, and blockers

How many players are on a regular volleyball team?

There are 6 players on a regular volleyball team

Number of players in volleyball?

With indoor volleyball its 6 players for each team on the court. If its outdoor volleyball its 2 players per team.

How many players on a high school volleyball team?

12 players on any volleyball team

In a regulation game of volleyball how many players are on one team?

There are 6 players on a regulation volleyball team.

What are all the names of the players positions in a volleyball game?

yeah that is basicly it but the libro switchs with the center after the team looses the serve

Number of players in volleyball in one team?

There are 6 players in a team.

How many people are on a beach volleyball team?

There are two players on a beach volleyball team.

How many players in a beach volleyball team?

Normally, there are two players in a game of beach volleyball.

In volleyball how many team players on the court at one time?

in indoor volleyball there is 12 players on the court at any time. 6 players on each beach volleyball there is 2 players on each team and therefor 4 players on the coart.

How many number of players are on a volleyball team?

The number of players on a volleyball often depends on the team. It can be as low as six, which is the neccessary amount of players, or as high as 16.

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