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you cant shoot the 8 ball.

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Q: What are the penalty rules for 8 ball pool?
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Do you have to name your pocket in a 15 ball game of pool?

Yes, if you are playing BCA 8 Ball rules. No, if you are playing APA 8 Ball rules, except the 8 Ball which must be called. Yes. If you are playing Straight Pool. Maybe. If your are playing in a bar, they usually have House Rules which usually only require calling the 8 ball in the US.

Where can you find the rules for playing 8 ball billiards?

There is a list of rules at the related link. Or you can find written rules where you buy pool balls.

What are the rules of a pool game?

In the US, whether you are referring to 8 Ball, 9 Ball, or Straight Pool you most likely need the American Poolplayer's Association (APA) rules. This is the largest governing body for these in the US. There are often slight local rules covering ball-in-hand and shooting of the 8 ball that may be different than the official rules. So be sure to check for house rules at a bar or local pool hall. The APA Rules can be viewed and downloaded at the link below -

In pool can you win by sinking the 8 ball on a break?

In many common lounges and bars, the 'house" rules say this wins the game. * Correction - Under APA rules, the largest governing body in the US, sinking the 8 ball on the break is a win. See the below link for the 8 Ball rules that govern the majority of pool players in North America.

In 8 ball pool what happens when you scratch the cue ball but do not sink the object ball?

This depends on the specific rules of the game you play. Under BCA and APA Rules the other player gets ball-in-hand.

What happens if you sink the 8 ball while playing pool?

This depends upon the game being played and the object ball in play. If the 8 ball is the object ball and the game is 8 ball, it will mean the game is over and you have won. If the 8 ball is not the object ball in 8 Ball and it goes in, under nearly all rules, you lose. For any other common game of pool, the 8 ball is simply a numbered ball.

When pocketing the eight ball in pool are you able to hit the opponent's ball first?

The 8 ball must be the first ball struck to be a legal shot in 8 ball. The 8 ball is allowed to carom or deflect off another ball afterwards, although some local rules, not tournament rules, require that this be called as part of the shot.

What is the function of the eight ball in pool?

The 8 ball has no special function in any game of pool except the game of 8 ball. The first person to legally pocket the 8 ball is the winner of the game. If a person commits a foul that results in the 8 ball leaving the table or being pocket, it means loss of game for that player under most 8 Ball rules.

What is behind 8 ball?

behind a 8 pool ball

Which pool ball is black?

The 8 ball.

What happens in pool when you sink your last ball then the black ball in one shot?

If your Last ball is potted before the black then it is a legal shot and you win. * Added - In 8 Ball, under BCA Rules, APA Rules, and most House Rules this is loss of game.

How do you paste pictures on 8 ball pool profile?

how to paste pictures on 8 ball pool acount

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