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This depends on the specific rules of the game you play.

Under BCA and APA Rules the other player gets ball-in-hand.

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Q: In 8 ball pool what happens when you scratch the cue ball but do not sink the object ball?
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Is it a scratch in pool if you dont hit a ball?

Under most rules if you fail to hit your object ball it is a foul, not a scratch. The foul will mean ball-in-hand to your opponent.

What happens when you hit your opponents ball in the pot in pool?

Technically, is a scratch, but most people will just let you put it back.

When is a bad shot called in a pool game?

A bad shot is called when a bad shot is made. A bad shot is when the cue ball misses the object ball. It's called a scratch.

Is it a scratch if the cue ball is hits no other colors?

Under most pool game rules, if the cue ball fails to hit the object ball, or it hits and a ball then does not go in a pocket or hit a rail it is a foul. The other player will get ball in hand.

What is an Object ball in a game of pool?

The ball that you intend to play.

When you scratch in pool and make a ball does the ball you made come out ofthe pocket?

Under most rules, no.

What is the name of the black object ball in a game of pool?

The 8 ball

What is a scratch with the cue ball?

In pocket billiards, a scratch is a slang term to refer to a foul where the cue ball either goes into a pocket or leaves the table. After a scratch, the next player gets "ball-in-hand" with the cue ball. This allows them to place the ball anywhere on the table, or, depending upon house rules or if the scratch occurred on the break, placing it behind the head string. In 8 Ball, if the scratch occurs and the 8 ball is pocketed as well, it is a loss of game - under some House Rules, a scratch when shooting the 8 ball is automatic loss of game.

How momentum works in pool?

In pool, momentum refers to the transfer of energy between the cue ball and the object ball when they collide. When the cue ball strikes the object ball, momentum is transferred, causing the object ball to move. The more momentum the cue ball has, the more force it will impart on the object ball, resulting in a faster and more controlled shot.

Black object in a game of pool?

eight ball

What is the penalty for a foul in 8 ball pool?

If you're referring to a foul, it's ball in hand for the incoming player, provided it is a cue ball foul (i.e. scratch, ball off table, hitting opponents ball before your own, etc.). I believe some fouls result in loss of turn, but not ball in hand (i.e. - an object ball leaves the table).

How are points determined in eight ball pool?

Whoever sinks the 8 ball wins as long as it is in the correctly called pocked and the shooter does not scratch. No points per ball in 8 ball.