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Ice hockey

The NHL standard net is four feet high by six feet wide, and the mesh has one and a half inch openings. The NHL is considering a wider and higher net, by two inches in each direction, no decision has been made yet, by the rules committe.

Field hockey

The nets are sized the same as the goal specifications, but must be looser, so adding around 10% extra to the dimensions should make it big enough to hang loosely yet small enough to be uncumbersome.

For an official goal, they must be 3.66 metres wide and approximately 1.7 metres tall from the backboard (2.14 metres minus 460 millimetres). the depth will vary from 1.20 metres at backboard height to at least 0.90 metres at crossbar height, but there is little need for this to be reflected exactly in the netting. See the related questions as well.

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Q: What are the official dimensions for a hockey net and the sizing for the mesh?
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