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About 1% of the population become part of professional sports. It takes talent, focus, and some luck to join a team.

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Q: What are the odds to become an MLB player?
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What is the chance of being drafted to the MLB?

The odds of being drafted into the major leagues varies by position. The odds of becoming a pitcher are less than 3 percent. A positional player's odds are less than 6 percent.

How do you get a chance in MLB?

you have to keep studying baseball and become an excellent player then you go to the miner leagues and if you are a good player, managers of mlb teams will have to see you play then decide if they want you for their team. If they choose you, then you will have become a part of the mlb.

What are the odds of making it in the MLB?

1 in 16000

How do you become an MLB player?

Years and years of practice and a whole lot of skill.

How did chone figgins become famous?

Because he is a MLB player for the Seattle Mariners.

What are the odds of a MLB player hitting two grand slams in one game?

It has only happened 13 times so far, so it is around a 1 in 10000 chance.

What are the odds to become a professional soccer player?

Yes..all you have to do is smoke a lot of crack at the Sayonara Motel

What are the odds of you making it to the MLB?

not very good when you play in a beer league :/

How did david ortiz become an MLB player?

Lifting weights, Natural talent, practice, practice, practice

How do you become professional baseball?

To be a professional baseball player, you have to go to college, get a sports degree, and hopefully get recognized for you good talents and get drafted by an MLB team. The chances are very slim and involve risk taking of not ever becoming an MLB player.

What is a MLB player?

A MLB player is an athlete who plays in the Major League Baseball.

What are the odds of becoming a engineer?

The odds of becoming an engineer are fairly good. If you would like to become an engineer and do well in school the odds are in your favor.

What is the starting salary of a Major League Baseball player?

There is no set starting salary for a MLB player as that is negotiated by the player and the team. The minimum salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $380,000 and the average salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $2,699,292.

What are the odds of a fan catching 2 foul balls in one game?

the odds are very slim i have caught one and it is not very likely to get another one out of the thousands of people that are at a MLB game.

How much is the average Major League Baseball player paid?

There is no set starting salary for a MLB player as that is negotiated by the player and the team. The minimum salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $380,000 and the average salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $2,699,292.

What kind of education do you need to become a major league baseball player?

No education is required. Only 18% or MLB players have finished college

What are the chances of your son going into the Major League Baseball?

the odds of becoming a mlb player is very slim even thinking of going to the farm teams (double-triple A) are slim. If you are a cached or pitcher you have better odds because teams need them more... me i tried-out as a catcher and my second position is 1st base and i made the team because they need a good fielder and hitter which i am

Odds of becoming a pro baseball player?

If you are currently a high school baseball player, the odds of making it to Major League Baseball as a player are less than 1 percent. The odds of making it to a team affiliated with a Major League team are right around 1 percent.

Who is the chubbiest player in the MLB?

Prince Fielder is a professional baseball player who plays for Detroit Tigers in MLB. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 275 lbs. This makes him the chubbiest player in MLB.

Do you need a license or a certificate to become a MLB player?

If you live outside the United States you will need a visa to play but other than that, no licenses or certificates are necessary.

Can you retire in mlb 2k11 my player mode?

Yes you can you have to complete all of the hall of fame goals.Then you can choose to retire but when you become 35 that is your last year then you have to retire

How do you get my player for MLB 2k12 for Wii?

there is no my player on wii.

What education do an nba player need to get in?

have to be a mlb player

What are the requirements for a Baseball player to get into the MLB?

To be the best player he can be.

What ar the Odds of becoming pro football player?

how much you want to become a pro footballer if you really want to be a pro then you have to show your skills for the team you play and you have to train hard that what i think