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More than they need they make around 3 million every time they play

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Q: How much money do schools get for playing in the NCAA men's basketball tournament?
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How much money is paid to teams participating in the ncaa basketball tournament?


How much money did the first NCAA basketball tournament in 1939 earn?

28,000 dollars

How much money do schools usually generate through their basketball teams?

Schools earn about a quarter of what it costs to run a basketball program.

How many basketball players have a career playing basketball?

I would say a lot because you can make a lot of money playing basketball as a career.

How do basketball players make money?

They get contracts that say that they will get money for playing good

How much does a street basketball player earn?

Street basketball players make whatever the tournament amount is when they enter. Typically, they don't make a lot of money per tournament, only around a couple hundreds to a couple thousands.

How much money do you make playing basketball?

It depends on how good you are.

How much money does the NCAA make off of the NCAA basketball tournament?

The NCAA is in the middle of a 11 year $6 billion television rights deal with CBS for the NCAA tournament.

How much money does Gordon hayward make playing basketball?


How much money does college football and basketball games raise for their schools?

50 cents as in 0.50

How much money do schools receive for winning college basketball games?

No money becasue they would just be the top winning team

How much money can you get from playing paintball?

depends on how good you and your team is, if your not doing so well, your wasting your money on paint and tournament admission fee.

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