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i dont know where 2 look

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Q: What are the names of the Brazilian football team playing in the world cup 2010?
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Who was the captain for the 1994 football world cup winning Brazilian team?

Dunga was the Brazilian cup winner captain in 1994.

When did the world start playing football?

When did the world start playing football I think that the world started playing football in the Tutor times they used a inflated pigs stomach.

What is the Brazilian football team?

the national football side of Brazil who have won the FIFA world cup 5 times

Who is the best Football player in world history?

The best footballer in the world history is Brazilian player Pele.

Was football legend Pele born in Brazil?

Yes, Pele was Brazilian, and he played on the Brazilian national team in several World Cup competitions.

Who is the football manager of Brazil?

It is Dunga, who was also Brazilian captain when they won the 1994 World Cup.

Which football player was only the 21st player to score in 3 world cups?

It is the Brazilian ronaldo.

Who has scored in the most football world cups?

The Brazilian ronaldo Lima has scored the most goals 15.

Who was the Brazilian football player who scored one of the best ever world cup goals in the 1970 world cup finals?

Carlos Alberto

Ronaldinho why is he not playing in world cup?

Good question. It is the question that every Brazilian person is asking. The Coach Dunga decided that Ronaldinho was not a good match for the Brazilian team.

How many times Brazilian football team win the world cup in the 20th century?

Brazil have won it 5 times.

Which is the only player to have won the football world cup thrice?

Pele the great Brazilian footballer is the only player to win three world cups.

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