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Ronaldinho is not playing in 2010 fifa world cup. He was not selected in the Brazilian Squad for the world cup.

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Q: Did ronaldinho play in the 2010 world cup and if so what team?
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Will ronaldinho play in the World Cup 2010?

There is no World Cup in 2009, but in 2010 it is likely he will be playing.

Why did Ronaldinho not play for Brazil 2010 world cup?

Good question. It is the question that every Brazilian person is asking. The Coach Dunga decided that Ronaldinho was not a good match for the Brazilian team.

Is ronaldinho one of the furmation of the Brazil team 2010?

Unfortunately dunga has not chosen him for the 2010 world cup.

What team is ronaldinho?

Ac Milan and Brazil. Hopefully he will be in the 2010 Fifa World Cup

What team did ronaldinho play for in 2010?

It is the Brazilian club Flamingo.

What team does ronaldinho play for this year?


What international team does ronaldinho play for?


What team did ronaldinho play for in 2002?

It was Barcelona.

In soccer which team ronaldinho is playing in 2010?

He plays for AC Milan, but he did not make the Brazil World Cup squad.

What team is ronaldinho on for fifa 2010?

He played for AC Milan

Did ronaldinho play for any English team?

No he has not played.

In what team is ronaldinho in fifa soccer 2010?

he plays at AC Milan