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hanger base bushings kingpin and axel

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Q: What are the names of skateboard trucks parts?
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Where are the trunks on a skateboard?

There are no trunks on a skateboard, you are probably referring to the "trucks" which are the parts the wheels attatch to.

How many trucks does a skateboard have?


What skateboard trucks are there in Singapore?


What are skateboard trucks made of?

metal :)

What skateboard wheels are easier to turn on?

Wheels dont make a skateboard easier to turn on the skateboard trucks do that.

Which skateboard trucks are better Thunders or Independents Tell why pros cons of both and overall feel of truck?

Thunders skateboard trucks feel like a planking balancing on a point thus making it better than the Independents skateboard trucks.

Are 127mm trucks arlight on a 8 inch skateboard?

yes, a friend of mine's brother has 127mm trucks on an 8 inch skateboard and there fine

Are trucks vehicles?

Yes. Well, typically. There are trucks that are vehicles: pickups, flatbeads, rollbacks, box trucks, panel trucks, semi-trucks, etc. There are trucks that are carts, such as factory carts. There are also trucks beneath your skateboard; the axel and bracket that hold the skateboard wheels is called a truck.

Are longer skateboard trucks better?

sure, if you like wide and low trucks

What are the lightest skateboard trucks made for 8.0 skateboards?

tensor magnesiam trucks

How do you make a creeper?

Skateboard trucks on a board.

What holds your skateboard trucks still?