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tensor magnesiam trucks

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Q: What are the lightest skateboard trucks made for 8.0 skateboards?
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What were the first skateboard wheels made of?

The first skateboards were just a two by four nailed to roller blade trucks and they had roller blade wheels

What is a skateboard deck made out of?

skateboards are mostly made from Wood or fiberglass

What are skateboard trucks made of?

metal :)

What skateboard companies make skateboards in Mexico?

Only the best skateboard company in the world BAKER On all of the decks it has a made in Mexico sticker

How did the skateboard evolved?

The deck of the skateboard was plastic and could not hold a lot of weight on it. The trucks on the skateboard were poorly made too! Now they have wood decks and holds lots of weight! The trucks on the board are now made of better materials!

When the skateboards are made commercially how do skateboard companies shape the board?

they cut it with a special machine in factories.

Name some equipment 'Chocolate Skateboards' sell online?

The company Chocolate Skateboards website sells t-shirts, skateboard decks, skate board wheels, headwear, footwear and truck parts for skateboards. They also offer fully made skateboards for sale.

What features should I look for when buying cheap skateboards?

Look for well-known brands if possible. The most important part of the skateboard are the bearings and trucks. Spend more on these parts than on the wheels and deck themselves. Ensure that the trucks are made of quality material and that the wheel motion is smooth when spun. Ensure that the board is made of maple and that it is 7 ply as this will indicate relative strength and durability.

What are assembly skateboards?

well completes are skateboards that come all ready made ready to use all parts from same company, an assembly skateboard is where you choose the best deck for you and the best trucks etc. from different (could be the same if u want but then why not get a complete?) companies and you build it up yourself or with the help of your local skateshop. this method of buying a skateboard means you get a board perfect for you but it is much more expensive. e.g. a good complete board starts from around £50 but a good assambly board starts around £110

What were the first wheels made of?

The first skateboards were just a two by four nailed to roller blade trucks and they had roller blade wheels

How do you tell the difference between the back and front of the skateboard?

Generally from the materials. A fake skateboard (one from like walmart or most sporting goods stores) is made from plastic or low quality wood. The wheels also may also be plastic, if it's like 50$ for a pre-built full skateboard, its likely a rip off. Make sure to get a skateboard from a skateshop or online from a skate supplier or whatever (I.e., ect..)

Does dc make skateboards?

I think they made a couple of skateboards, but they haven't made many.