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11 players on offence, 7men have to be on the line of scrimage 1)center(ballsnapper)2)leftgaurd 3)rightgaurd 4)lefttackle 5)righttackle 6)tightend 7)splitend 4men in the backfield 1)quarterback 2)fullback 3)halfback 4)flankerback that's a pro style offense. The defense4-3 left and right defensive ends, left and right defensive tackles those are the 4down lineman, 3linebackers, middle linebacker and left and right linebackers, than the 4defensive backs, left and right cornerbacks,and the free and the strong safties, you also have special teams, 1)kicker 2)punter, 3) two kick return men and two punt return men .there are more position depending on the types of defenses or offenses used, you can just about make up your own names if you create the offense or defense, 48man total for entire team

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Q: What are the names of all positions in American football and what they do?
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