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Football or Footie

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Q: What are all the other names for soccer?
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What are other names for soccer?


What other names does soccer have?


What are soccer bibs?

there are different names for jerseys including bibs, pennies, and other names

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What are the names of all the sports you can play only with your feet?

Kickball and Soccer.

Why was soccer maid?

Soccer was made because all the other sports are garbage.

What are the names of the soccer teams?

There are hundreds of thousands of football teams. Nobody knows all of them.

What is the previous name of the Chicago Fire soccer team?

This team was founded in 1997, and has had no other names.

Why is soccer not as popular as other sports?

Hey there. Well first of all soccer is already popular than most sports. It is the most popular sport in any other countries such as Brazil or England. After all its all about soccer. SOCCER IS THE WORLDS MOST POPULAR SPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What separates soccer from all other sports?

soccer is dumber than most sports

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What are the names of the 11 sports in America?

football, soccer, basketball, baseball and the other seven sports are gay.