What are the names of NHL trophies?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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For a complete list of trophies I would suggest you go to the following site: or simply Google NHL Trophies and follow the links.

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Q: What are the names of NHL trophies?
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Does NHL 09 for the PS3 have trophies?

No, Not as of right now.

How many total trophies has Pittsburgh won in all sports?

The City of Pittsburgh has won 14 championship trophies in all.Steelers (NFL) - 6Pirates (MLB) - 5Penguins (NHL) - 3

What are some trophies?

Some examples of trophies are the Vince Lombardi trophy awarded to the NFL champion. The Stanley Cup is awarded in the NHL and the NBA Championship trophy is also awarded annually.

Who was the last NHL team to win back to back presidents trophies?

As of 2014, the last team to win back to back presidents trophies was the Vancouver Canucks in the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons.

List of names of sports trophies?

Lambardi Trophy for the Super Bowl.

Names of referees in the NHL?

you can visit to find the name of all NHL referee's

What are the names of all Jewish hockey players in the NHL?

Shneider and Calamari were Jewish NHL players.

List of french last names in NHL?


Who are the ten NHL players with french names?

Cristobal Huet

What are The names of Trophies in Badminton?

Agarwal Cup Chadha Cup Divan Cup Narang Cup Thomas Cup Ulber Cup

What are the names of three black NHL goalies?

Fred Brathwaite, Kevin Weeks, and Grant Furh

What are the names of the Swiss in the nhl?

the Swiss players are Jonas hiller, mark streit and yannick weber