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Some examples of trophies are the Vince Lombardi trophy awarded to the NFL champion. The Stanley Cup is awarded in the NHL and the NBA Championship trophy is also awarded annually.

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Q: What are some trophies?
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What do you win in football?

Some trophies and medals

What are the 10 new trophies in cod5?

Some people are so dumb! Go to your trophies and look it shows you there!!!!!!!!

How many trophies can you get on the PS3?

the number of trophies you get all depends on the game you get. on some games there are no trophies and in others there are hundreds. to find out if you have ever played a trophie game, go to the game tab an select the trophie tab.

What trophies did Wayne Gretzky win?

Wayne Greyzky has won approximately 33 trophies during his career. Some of the trophies were Clarence S. Campbell Bowl, Canada Cup, and Charlie Conacher Humanitarian Award.

How many trophies does Arsenal have?

48 trophies

What are some samurai awards and honors?

medals, trophies, and town rights

Where can one go to get some custom football trophies created?

Several sites on the internet offer trophies, which can be customized to specific needs. Racerewards and Crownawards are only two of many websites where personalized football trophies are available.

How many trophies have Liverpool won?

67 trophies

What are the trophies for Guitar Hero world tour?

There are no trophies :(

What are the Olympic trophies?

There are no trophies in the Olympics just medals.

What is the singular form of trophies?

"trophy" is the singular from of "trophies"

How many trophies arsenal won?

arsenal have won 27 trophies in could 3 major trophies

How do you get trophies for the PlayStation 3?

To get trophies, you must buy a game that can earn you trophies. When you do a certain something, you will earn a trophy. You can see what trophies are available by inserting your game and clicking on 'trophies' in the 'game' menu an selecting your game.

What are the all the NHL trophies?

For a complete list of trophies I would suggest you go to the following site: or simply Google NHL Trophies and follow the links.

How do you get the super moshi trophies on Moshi Monsters?

You have to be a member to win trophies. To get trophies on Moshi Monsters, you complete the levels.

How many trophies have Liverpool won in history?

59 trophies

How many trophies have linfield fc won?

211 trophies

What are the different trophies in webkinz?

there are many trophies for different games.

How many trophies Roger Federer have?

He has 15 majors trophies.

How many trophies has Jose mourinho won?

19 trophies

What happened to most of the world cup trophies?

What Trophies? There Was None!

How many trophies Fc Barcelona have?

Barcelona have 56 trophies.

Can you get ps3 trophies in demo?

yes, I have a lot of trophies from demos

How many trophies has morinho won with Chelsea?

two trophies

What are some sports that you can win medals and trophies in?

rugby,Netball most sports