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Lakers is one

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Q: What are the names of 5 NBA Basketball teams?
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What are 5 NBA teams names?

celtics, bulls, magic, cavaliers, pistons

5 NBA basketball teams that don't end in s?

There are only 3 NBA basketball teams that don't end in s. Which are Heat, Magic, and Jazz. I see that that others have thought of the OKC THUNDER, but what about WNBA: (lets not forget the girls out there) Which includes the Minnesota Lynx!!

What are 4 of the 7 nba teams that are located in the eastern conference Atlantic division?

nba teams such as 5

How many NBA teams are in the Northwest?


How many NBA teams have animals names?

1. Atlanta Hawks 2. Charlotte Bobcats 3. Milwaukee Bucks 4. Chicago Bulls 5. Toronto Raptors 6. Memphis Grizzlies 7. Minnesota Timberwolves There are 7 NBA Teams with animal names

How many basketball teams played in the first year of basketball?


What are the big 5 NBA teams?

lakers bulls

What are the odds of becoming a pro Basketball player?

25 teams in the nba 15 players on each there are 6.5 billion people on earth which comes to about 5 in which is in the trillions

How many can be in an NBA basketball game?

Generally, 5 on each team are on the court at once. So ten total. Usually teams consist of about 15 guys.

How many people is in a basketball group?

Basketball teams each have 5 players.

How many sports teams do Minnesota have?

Minnesota has 5 professional sports teams, which include the following:Minnesota Vikings (football, NFL)Minnesota Timberwolves (basketball, NBA)Minnesota Lynx (basketball, WNBA)Minnesota Wild (hockey, NHL)Minnesota Twins (baseball, MLB)

How many minutes in overtime NBA basketball game?


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