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Mainly the biceps.

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Q: What are the muscules used when shooting a free throw?
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What muscules are used when you play rugby?

the top back leg muscules are used in a scrum as well as your top arm muscules. and these are used again when takling and the top front muscules are used to sprint up and down the pitch.

What are the muscles involved in shooting a free throw?

all of them inclduing the trapezius shall be used while playing the elegant sport of baketball

Do you have to do a free throw if you get fouled?

There are situations in which a person gets fouled and doesn't get rewarded free throws (which I don't want to go over all the situations.) If this is not the kind of answer you are looking for, here is the answer. When the player is shooting a free throw, they get "ten seconds." Of course, that can get used up, and the free throw would be canceled. So in this case, the answer is no, but who would want to not shoot the free throw?

What muscules are used when kicking a ball?

quadriceps,hamstigs, gastrocnemius

What are the dominant muscles used when playing volleyball?

mainly leg muscules....some arm

How many points do you get for a free-throw?

A free throw is only worth one point.Free throw is a term used in basketball, not baseball. In Basketball, it is worth a total of one pointThanks for using!

Will cold water bath harm muscules?

No not at all lots of pro athletes use cold water baths to stimulate the muscles that haven't been used for a while it also destresses ur muscules

On a NBA court why is the bottom half of the free throw circle a series of line segments while the top half is a solid line?

Its line segments because it means nothing, it is not used for anything, the top half indicated where the player can take a free throw from, T-Mac used to take his free throws from the top of the circle, instead from the free throw line.

What synovial joints are being used when shooting in netball?

A Hinge Joint because when you throw you use your elbow which consistes of a hinge joint, hope this helps :)

Distance to free throw line?

In previous years the free line used to be at 20 feet but now it is 15. It was changed in 1989.

Distance from free throw line to rim?

the line used to be 20 feet, and now it's 15 feet

In which game is shooting ball technique is used?

shooting ball=basketball

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