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Q: What are the muscles used in football?
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What muscles are used when snapping a football?

The muscles that are used when snapping a football are all in the arm. More specifically, the forearm muscles are heavily used.

What are the muscles used when throwing a football?


Explain muscles used in throwing a football?

Shoulder muscles are used when throwing a football. They give the arm support and are needed during the actual throw. In the throwing motion the triceps and biceps are used. The core muscles are used to help the thrower stay balanced.

What muscles do are used as a running back in football?

we use our quadriceps and our hamtrings

What parts of the body is used to throw a football?

Arm, core muscles, and Legs.

What muscles help you dribble in football?

big muscles

Do your thighs get bigger when playing soccer?

THe legs are the most used in football, especially the calf and thigh muscles. Naturally, the amount of kicking and running associated with football leads to the bulging of calf muscles. But this only after long amounts of practice.

Do football players or gymnasts have bigger muscles?

Football Unless your Aly Raisman

Who has more muscles a football player or a gymnast?

The gymnast have more muscles but the foot ball player has bigger muscles.

What is the fixator and synergist muscles when kicking a football?


What muscles are used in roundohouse kick?

There are many muscles in the body that are used in a roundhouse kick. The abs are used, side muscles, thigh muscles, and the butt muscles.

Why do you need muscular endurance in football?

In football they have to run for 90 minutesand face fierce tackles, so muscles and stamina are needed.