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Q: What are the most wins in a season by a pitcher since the 1968 season?
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Most wins in reg season by pitcher since 1960?

31 by Dennis McLain of the Detroit Tigers in 1968.

Which pitcher has the most wins in a season from 1950 on?

In 1968, Detroit's Denny McLain recorded 31 wins; the most by any player since 1950. McLain was the last pitcher to reach 30 wins in a season.

Who has won thirty games in a single season most recently as a pitcher?

Denny McLain of the 1968 Detroit Tigers with 31 wins.

Most consecutive road wins by a MLB pitcher in a season?

Denny McLain, who won 16 straight road games in 1968.

What mlb pitcher has the most wins prior to the all-star game?

Randy Jones entered the 1976 All Star Game with a record of 16-3, no pitcher has had 16 or more wins since prior to All-Star Game. (A number have had 15 wins) Denny Mclain also had 16 wins at All-Star Game back in 1968 when he went on to become last pitcher to win 30 games in a season.

Who has the most wins in the MLB?

Charley Radbourn holds the record for most wins by a pitcher in a single season with 59 in 1884. Jack Chesbro holds the record since 1901 with 41 in 1904.

What World Series records does bob Gibson hold?

Bob Gibson holds the World Series record for most strikeouts by a pitcher in a World Series (35 in 1968) and most strikeouts by a pitcher in a single game (17 in Game 1 of the 1968 WS). He is tied for most games won by a pitcher in a World Series (3 in 1967).

What American League pitcher won the most games in a season?

Jack Chesbra

Which pitcher has the most loses in one season?

All Time: 48 by John Coleman of the 1883 Philadelphia Quakers. Since 1900: 29 by Vic Willis of the 1905 Boston Beaneaters.

What pitcher has the most strikeouts since 2000?

Randy Johnson

Which charger has the thrown the most interceptions in one season?

Through the 2008 season, that is John Hadl who threw 32 interceptions in the 1968 season.

Who holds the cardinals season record for most strike out for a rookie pitcher?

Bob gibson