What are the most popular sports in Germany?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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soccer, Basketball, Ice Hockey, and volleyball

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Q: What are the most popular sports in Germany?
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Which is the most popular sports magazine in Germany?


What are the two most popular sports in Germany?

Football and swimming

What are the traditional sports in Germany?

Soccer (German: Fussball) is the most popular sport in Germany.

What sports does Germany have?

Football(soccer), motorsports, and basketball are the most popular

What are most popular sports in Frankfurt Germany?

It depends on the person who lives there

What are popular activities in Germany?

There is sooo much fun stuff to do in germany. if you are 16 or older, go bar-hopping all nite long, in a different city everynite ;p If you're there with family and whatnot, then there is also a lot to do. All the big cities are interesting to look at, walk around in. There are tons of little street cafes, museeums, and other stuff like that. Germany will rock your socks!!

Who are the most popular sports figures of 2010?

Muller of Germany Football team

What sports are most popular year round in Germany for kids?

Like most of the European countries, FOOTBALL (soccer) is the most played sport in Germany. It is actually their national sport. And for Germans, football is like a religion. (You have to see how crazy Germans get when they're watching a football match. They get kind of scary, especially if the team they're rooting for loses. :p But then again, that's football passion for you. :) ) they also like to play baseball... ummm... i don't really know i just wanted to add to this ha. ha. ha. < 3

What are the most popular seasonal sports in Germany?

Association football is the most popular sport. Other spectator sports that are popular are auto racing, basketball, handball, ice hockey, tennis, and volleyball.

What are Germany's most popular sports?

football (it is called soccer in the USA) field hockey baseball

What is popular sports in Germany?


What is the most popular sports in visa?

the most popular sports is football