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The most pitchers used in one major league game was a combination of the two teams of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates on September 30th 2007. The St. Louis Cardinals also set a major league record that day using 10 pitchers in one game while the Pirates used 8. -Tibbs

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Q: What are the most pitchers used in one baseball game?
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What uses does a baseball have?

A baseball can be used for playing the game of baseball. It is hit by batters, thrown by pitchers and fielders, and caught by catchers and fielders.

What are the most pitchers used in one MLB game?

October 2005, Houston versus far....14 pitchers....just wondering if there have been more...

How many pitchers can be used in one MLB game?

There are different amount of pitchers in a 40-man roster, whether you have 25 pitchers (in both the starting rotation and the bullpen) or just have 10, in any game, you can use all of your pitchers. However, you can't use a pitcher once they are taken out of the game.

In a World Series do the pitchers bat?

In the World Series the pitchers only bat when the game is played in the National League park. When the game is played in the American League park the Designated Hitter is used.

How many starting pitchers are on a major league baseball team?

Five pitchers are used in a starting rotation for baseball teams. Sometimes in the post-season teams will use a rotation consisting of their best three or four pitchers only, to maximize their chances of winning a series.

Why is mud used with professional baseball?

They use it to soften the balls to allow the pitchers to have more grip.

What are changes in baseball?

The designated hitter. Used to replace pitchers in the batting order in modern baseball(only American League Teams).

What is worth more a game used autographed baseball or a un game used autographed ball?

A game used autographed baseball.

Where did the baseball term 'pitching aces' originate?

the term "ace" was used for an elite pilot; the best of the squadron. The term is used in baseball as the best pitcher in the team's group of pitchers.

What is an era in baseball?

ERA is known as earned run average, a stat used for pitchers. The lower the number, the better he is.

Does everyone on a pro baseball team bat in the same game?

There are two "leagues" in Major League Baseball in the United States. The National League and the American League. The two champions of each league meet in the "World Series" each year. There are 25 players as "active" status on a professional baseball team at the major league level. About half of those players are pitchers and 5 of them are starting pitchers. Starting pitchers have a standard rest periods, so they do not play every game. The other pitchers also do not play every game. Out of the other non-pitcher players, only 8 in the National League and 9 in the American League start the game. If there are no substitutions, the "bench players" would not get a chance to bat. But, there maybe games in which all the relief pitchers and bench players go into the game due to extra innings and on very rare occasions, a call goes to a starting pitcher to coming as a relief pitcher. Even in these rare circumstances, those pitchers may never get a chance to bat and the other starting pitchers, getting ready for the next game certainly will not come into the game. In the American League, the rule called "the Designated Hitter" allows a team to choose a player that only hits for a certain position. Since pitchers usually do not practice hitting, they tend to be not very good hitters, so the Designated Hitter, or DH, is used for the pitcher. So, in American League games, the pitcher never gets to bat.

How many baseballs are used during a Major League Baseball game?

1 baseball is used in a game.

Which Australian creature can be used in a game of baseball?

An Australian creature that can be used in a game of baseball would be a wombat!

When is a closer used in baseball?

In general, for "closing out the game" or the last inning of a close game that you are leading. If the closer does so successfully, he will be awareded a "save". Some of the most high profile relief pitchers have specialized in this high stress, high risk position. Today, Bobby Jenks of the White Sox, Mariano Rivera of the Yankees are two good examples.

On a baseball roster what is the difference between the different types of pitchers?

On a baseball roster the teams pitchers are categorized in two ways. The first is what hand they use -LHP/Left handed pitcher -RHP/Right handed pitcher The second is there role -Starter/A pitcher who starts the game normally there are 5 in a rotation. They normally go 5 to 7 innings but sometimes less and sometimes more. Some examples are CC Sabathia, Johan Santana, Josh Beckett, Brandon Webb, Cliff Lee. -Spot Starter/A pitcher which comes in either to start a game if the pitcher can't pitch, or comes in really early like in the first, second, or third if the pitcher surrenders a lot of runs or if the pitcher gets injured or ejected. This pitchers help minimize the use of the bullpen. -Long Relief/ A role of one of these pitchers is to come in most of the time there used if the starters comes out of the game like in inning 4 or 5 for giving up a lot of runs or injury or ejection. These pitchers are used to stablize the middle innings and contain the other team. These pitchers will go 2 to 3 innings which rests the rest of the bullpen. They might also be used if there is they are leading by a lot of losing by a lot in the 7th or 8th. -Middle Relief/They come in during the 6th or 7th inning which is when managers want there starters to leave normally. They come in to go a inning or two. -Set Up/A set up pitcher comes in during the 8th in close ball games. Most of the time when they are winning. These pitchers set up a portal to the closers. -Closer/Each team has a closer most have one but a few might have two. These pitchers come into a game in the 9th when they are winning by a few runs. Sometimes they might come into a game if they are winning by a lot just to get some work in. There job is to shut down the other teams offense and get a win. Some examples of these pitchers are Rivera,Paplebon,and K-Rod. Answer coutesy of MJWYMAN (Baseball Guru)

Why do baseball players need permission to blow on their hands or lick their fingers during a game?

There is a rule for pitchers that they may not lick their fingers or blow on their hands while they are standing on the pitcher's mound unless both managers have agreed to allow this before the game. The thought there is to keep the pitcher from transferring a foreign substance, usually saliva, from his mouth to his hand which he will then transfer to the ball. Pitched balls that have a foreign substance on them have more movement than balls that don't. This gives the pitcher an unfair advantage over the batter. Baseball history is ripe with pitchers that used to throw the 'spitball', as in the early days (until 1920) of the game the spitball was legal. Some of these pitchers are in the Hall of Fame. Generally, in games played in cold weather pitchers will be allowed to blow into their hand while on the mound in an attempt to keep them warm. But never in a warm weather game.

When does the pitcher have a chance to hit?

currently, only teams in the National league allow their pitchers to hit. The American League uses the DH (designated hitter) to bat for their pitchers. However, the DH is a very recent amendment to the game. Even the American League pitchers used to hit. The DH was instituted in 1973.

What is the most used game system?

The most used game system is the Xbox360.

What is worth more- a game used autographed baseball or a un-game-used autographed ball?

Clean New Autographed BasbeallWhen a baseball is signed by a player(s) the collectible is the signature not the baseball. The baseball is an item to display the signature. A clean white baseball is most preferred to display the signature. A "game used" ball is a collectible and will vary in value depending on the historic value of the game if any. Added value as a "game used "ball would be in the ability to prove so. A "Game used" baseball would have to be accompanied with provenance, and the quality of the provenance will dictate the added value. A letter from a player, team, or League official would be acceptable. A letter from a fan at the game would not hold much weight if any. Without provenance the added value will rely on the buyers belief in the story. In most cases a "game Used baseball will lower the value of the signature based on condition.

What are baseballs?

A baseball is a ball that is used to play the game of baseball with

How is a baseball bat used in the game called baseball?

In baseball, the bat is used to hit the balls thrown by the pitcher.

Why do pitchers cover their mouth when they talk to the catcher?

In Baseball, signs and signals are used and frequently stolen and used to obtain an advantage. It is understood and expected that the other team is actually observing and making every effort to "steal" the sign. There is a reason that pitchers cover their mouth when they talk to their catcher; there is a reason signs are immediately changed when a player is traded to the opponent; there is a reason that catcher's mix up their signals when there is a runner on 2nd base. That is the culture of baseball and understood as a part of the game.

How is a baseball used?

to play a game.

Why don't MLB pitchers pitch two nights in a row?

Generally starting pitchers don't pitch two nights in a row because the act of starting a game and pitching a standard amount of innings (5-8) is extremely taxing on the arm. Pitching two nights in a row for a starting pitcher can be very dangerous for their arm, and if they did start two nights in a row, they would most likely be ineffective in the second game. That said, relief pitchers can pitch two games in a row, although pitching more than two games in a row is also very hard on their arm. Relief pitchers throw fewer innings than starting pitchers, and their arms are used to pitching more frequently.

Are resin bags still used in Major League Baseball?

Rosin bags are still on the back slope of every major league pitchers mound.