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what are the three methods of Basketball

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Q: What are the methods in playing basketball for ex 1 throwing the ball?
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How is speed used in basketball?

Speed in basketball is used for the throwing of the ball and the speed of the player running or dribbling with the ball. :)

Can you get arrested for throwing a ball on the presidents property?

Yes, if you are throwing a ball on his property that is obstruction and if you are playing catch on his property that is trespassing.

Why you must not play basketball in the school's hallway?

You can hurt someone throwing the ball around.

Can you score a basket in basketball when you are throwing it in out of bounds?

No you can't, the ball has to first come into play.

Can any player playing basketball kick the ball?

You cant kick the ball when u play basketball

Methods of scoring in basketball game?

Shoot the ball into the net ;D

Why you have to pass the ball when playing basketball?

you do not have to pass the ball, but you do if you stop your dribble

How the inventor discover basketball game?

BY first using a bicycle rim or a metal created circle mounted on a post and playing with any round ball throwing in the rim.

What is chest pass in basketball?

a chest pass in basketball is where you throw or aim the ball between the upper chest to the upper hips when you are throwing it.

If your playing defence and thother team gets the ball what do you do for basketball?

if your playing defense the other team already has the basketball

Is a rubber basketball beatter then a leather basketball?

A leather basketball is better than a rubber ball but if your playing outside the ground ruins the leather so a rubber ball is better when you are playing outside

Objectives of basketball?

· Try to score points by throwing or "shooting" a ball through the top of a basketball hoop while following a set of rules.

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