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only under arm...

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Q: What are the main ways to throw a Bowling ball?
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Different ways of swinging a cricket ball?

There are 3 ways of swinging a cricket ball while bowling. They are:In-swingOut-swingReverse Swing

What are two main ways to advance the ball on offense?

The two main ways to advance the football on offense are passing the ball and running the ball.

How do you throw a hook when bowling?

A hook with the ball can be done several ways. Some of it depends on the ball design and lane conditions. In most cases its making sure the ball comes off the thumb first then lift with the fingers. The hand position should be at about the 4 oclock position.

How hard is it to score a 289 in bowling?

In tenpin bowling, it's pretty hard as the bowler must throw 10 strikes in a row. The only two ways I know of a tenpin bowler getting a 289 score is ... 1) Get a spare in the 1st frame, then throw 10 strikes in a row (from the 2nd frame through the second ball in the 10th frame), and then get a 9 count on the last ball in the tenth frame. 2) Throw 10 strikes in a row (1st frame through the first ball of the 10th frame), then get a 9 count with the second ball in the 10th frame and convert the spare with the third ball.

What cheats to get a perfect game on bowling buddies?

Cheating can never be condoned. One of the less obvious ways is to throw a soaker.

How do you get wickets in cricket?

There are many ways. One way is when the ball is bowled and hits the stumps. Another is if the batsmen hits the ball and the bowling team catches it. Also when the batsmen are running in between the wickets, the bowling team gets the ball to hit the stumps. That is called a runout.

How do you increase the distance that you can throw a football?

you need to strengthen your arm and maybe try different ways of throwing the ball. try holding the ball a different way. watch nfl quarterbacks. they use their whole body to throw the ball.

How many different ways can you score a 289 in bowling?

There are two general ways of bowling a 289 game: 1) Start with 10 strikes, then 9 count, and pick up the spare 2) Start with a spare, then 10 strikes, then a 9 on your last ball. Within those general ways, there are many variations. In the first, there are theoretically 10 different ways to get a 9-count on the 11th ball. In the second, there are theoretically 1,023 ways to get a spare in the first frame, and 10 different ways to get a 9-count on the last ball.

How many ways can you spell bowling?

Bowling is typically spelled "bowling" without other alternatives.

What does baseball stitching do?

the stitching on a baseball is there so you can throw different pitches such as a curveball. The stiches make the ball move different ways depending on how u grip it and how you throw it

When ball is throw backwards to another player wither in front of or behind the line of scrimmage?

you are allowed to do that its called a backwards lateral but it a flag if you throw it toss i forward its a forwards lateral and you can throw it side ways

How many ways can you throw a ball?

well being a softball pitcher myself, I throw 6 different pitches. There is the fastball, change-up, drop-ball, rise-ball, curve-ball, and screw-ball. There are also variations of each pitch, inside outside, high low. I throw a backdoor curve ball where instead of ending up on the outside of the plate to a right handed batter, it ends up on the inside. I do the same with my screwball.

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