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Soccer is the main sport played in Uganda.

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Q: What are the main sporting activities in Uganda?
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a reseeem of sporting activities

What is Uganda's main industrial center due to hydroelectric power?

Uganda's main industrial center

What airports are there in Uganda?

Entebbe Airport main airport for Uganda

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The people made the Olympics for various reasons. The main aim was to unite the nations in competitive sporting activities.

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What activities will be held in the Olympics?

Sporting activities, the Opening and Closing ceremonies and the medal presentation ceremonies.

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People involved in tourism and sporting activities and farmers.

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Martial Arts, for one.

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How do you say hey you in Uganda?

"Jebaleko" jeb-alay-KO - is is a popular and informal greeting in Luganda, the main language of central Uganda, and certainly recognised by anyone who lives in Kampala. Uganda has 52 dialects.

What are the causes of the high crime rate in Uganda?

As with any area, poverty is the main contributor to the high crime rate in Uganda. Civil unrest is also a contributing factor. Uganda borders Rwanda, which recently experienced a genocide. This may also play a part in Uganda's crime rate.

Why is Uganda not developed?

for now Uganda's main problem is corruption otherwise it is by far the most naturally beautiful country with the world .with the most friendly people in Africa.

What are Uganda's landmarks?

Uganda's landmarks and main features: Mountain gorillas and safari, Lake Victoria, Ugandan martyrs shrine in Namugongo, the Equator,

What is a shamateur athlete?

A sports player who makes money from sporting activities though classified as amateur.

Is Alpine a sport?

No. But many sporting activities take place on the Alpines. So it is a location for sport.

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Players are active and need a lot more water.

What did nobles do for leisure activities in ancient Egypt?

sporting, hunting, overseeing things, hating jesus

What are the sporting colors of nations?

the main colours that are on there national flag

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