What are the lightest hockey gloves?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What are the lightest hockey gloves?
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What is the lightest hockey stick in 2011?

Bauer APX is by far the lightest

What are the lightest lacrosse gloves?

I would say some orange or yellow gloves. :)

What is it mean carbon or portofino hockey gloves?

Carbon or portofino are types of shells that are worn over hockey gloves. There are not the actual gloves themselves.

Is there a difference between roller hockey goalie gloves and street hockey goalie gloves?

No. Roller hockey and street hockey are exactly the same (with the exception that street hockey is sometimes played without roller blades). Therefore, the equipment is the same.

How can you make your hockey gloves feel tighter?

Well this is kind of an amateur somewhat childish method but it does work! Just wear some thin-ish winter gloves underneath the hockey gloves.

What are the best ice hockey gloves?


What do you need for hockey?


How is a hockey glove made?

Gloves from leather.

How can you keep hockey gloves soft?

Put a little bit of baby powder on the inside of the gloves.

Why do ice hockey gloves have loops on the thumbs?

Ice hockey gloves have these loops to allow movement of the thumb. Most gloves have a "lock thumb" style, which is a solid piece of protective material that extends from the wrist down to the tip of the thumb.

Can you wear lacrosse gloves in hockey?

You can use girls lacrosse gloves as field hockey gloves, they are actually great to be used for outdoor field hockey. In indoor field hockey I would not recommend using them though, because they do not provide enough padding. In indoor you have to get low to the point where your hand is almost on the ground, leaving it exposed, also the ball moves much faster so getting hit does hurt more, so you want well padded gloves for indoor. There are indoor field hockey gloves made, normally they are made for the left hand only but you may want to get another one to protect the right hand as well.

Can hockey gloves be used as goalie gloves?

Nope its against the rules for one thing and two it would be just stupid to try.