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Well this is kind of an amateur somewhat childish method but it does work! Just wear some thin-ish winter gloves underneath the hockey gloves.

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2012-04-19 22:38:33
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Q: How can you make your hockey gloves feel tighter?
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yes, in lacrosse you are allowed to use hockey gloves but it is not advised for 6th grade and up for multiple reasons, as any player gets older the game has greater demands and one of the major demands is the ability to move ones hands and finders individually. That is the also key difference between hockey and lacrosse gloves. hockey gloves(unless you shell out 125-200$) have what is called a thumb lock and it prevents the thumb from bending backwards due to collisions with the multiple hard surfaces inside of a hockey rink, hockey gloves also limit the individual use of fingers, both of these features are compromises that hockey players make due to the limitless amount of hand injuries that can be sustained from playing ice hockey. The reason i would say to purchase a pair of lacrosse gloves is there ability to give individual movement for fingers and the palm is thinner along with breathable palm slits and a surfaces that do not cause as much friction between the glove and the stick. So if you are a beginning player it is perfectly okay to use them it is just that hockey gloves are not meant to let your hands move and they are not meant to take repeated slashes or checks.

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