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purple stripe


green stripe


brown stripe


red stripe

cho-Dan BO


these are master Johnsons belts

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Q: What are the levels in karate?
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What is the thinking behind karate?

it is self improvement on all levels fitness

How many levels or degrees of black belts are there in kenpo karate?

There are 10.

What are the belt levels in karate?

the belts are there like a grade to show how much experience you have got and knowledge of karate, like passing an exam, and to show lower belts that you have to be respected

What are the levels of karate?

The belt order is white yellow orange purple blue brown black

How can you get all the emblems in chao garden in SA2B?

You must do all the races and win all karate levels

How can you use cathartic in a sentence?

Many find the high-energy aggression levels in Karate truly cathartic.

What does 'kyu' stand for in karate belt levels?

'Kyu' are the ranks for color belts in karate. There are generally 10 kyu belts. White is the 10th kyu and brown belt the 1st kyu.

How do you know that are you a karate man?

We refer to it as the way. While it is about fighting, it is mostly about being Karate not doing karate.To 'do' can be temporary, but to 'be' is eternal.To be karate, is to be an example of the way in all that you do.You can be a 3rd degree black-belt and 'do Karate', or be a green-belt and 'be karate', vice versa.It is up to no one to decide if you are, it is up to you to be.Although, if you have dedicated enough of yourself to make it to 4th dan or higher it is an idea that you are Karate since to get to these levels require great love, discipline, and dedication to achieve.

How high up in a green belt in karate?

A green belt in Karate is about mid-level. There are about 14 initial levels (Kups) and the Green Belt is a 6 Kup. There are seven Kups below it and at least six above it.

What level is a black belt?

Karate signifies that you have attained a certain level of expertise in karate. However there are 11 black belts (one simple, 10 Dan belts). And as you continue your progress, you attain new Dan levels.

What karate doesn't have purple belt?

It will depend on the school or style of karate. In some styles, a purple belt is one of the levels on the way to black belt. My particular style of Shorin Ryu does not have a purple belt. It is not a common color.

What does a karate instructer do?

a karate instructer instructes karate

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