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It will depend on the style of karate being taught at your YMCA. They are not the same everywhere. The instructor will be able to provide you the requirements for the various belts.

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Q: At the YMCA what is the order of belts you get in karate?
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Does ymca have karate classes there?

yes , yes it does

What is the order in belts in karate?


What are the order of all the karate belts from least to greatest?

Many times, the order changes from school to school. Generally the basic order is:WhiteYellowOrangePurpleBlueGreenBrownRedBlack

My cousins and I are putting on a play about Karate. We don't have any Karate Belts or Uniforms. What can I use as a substitute for Karate Belts and Uniforms?

Honestly the best thing to do would be either to get a martial arts catalog (I prefer AWMA but Century would probably be easier to get) and order some from there or use Amazon. Using bath robes and cloth belts just looks dorky and unconvincing.

Are you allowed to join karate and earn belts when your older?

ABSOLUTELY!! It doesnt matter how old you are to join karate and earn belts. There was a woman in my karate class and she was 72 years old.....Karate is for anyone who is willing to learn disipline and respect!

What colours are the karate Ninja belts?

They are black.

Do belts in karate help you do better karate?

Belts states the level of your expertize in the sport. It also inspires you to work harder to win the next belt!

Where do they sell karate belts?

i got some from ebay.

What is the colors of the karate belts in Africa?

green black and red

Are karate red belts allowed in the US?

Yes of course

What is the difference between American and Asian Karate?

they have more or less belts

Is there a case to keep all karate belts in for keepsake?

There are a number of items that can be used to display karate belts. Most are a sort of rack that the belts fit into them. Check a martial arts supply company online and you will find pictures and examples. They are fairly easy to make, and are fairly inexpensive.