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Q: What are the laws on archery tackle owning and using in Oklahoma?
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How is archery scored?

Archery is scored based on your terget... if you are using a normal, one spot target, then you would go from the middle which is ten, and then nine and so on.

What attack is Snorelax using on Poketower In Pokemon Tower Defense?


Equipment in archery?

Archery equipment are generally used for hunting purpose, the arrows of archery are important for shooting, many are there who are crucial to choose the finest arrow for shooting. If anyone want to give a performance by using the archery equipment then the it is better if they use the top arrows which is reliable and constant in overall performance.

A sentence using the word racism?

you might be able to tackle racism yourself

What are Katniss' skills?

She does archery, and is very good with snaresShe has a few☆hunting☆using bow and arrows

A sentence using the word wayward?

My wayward shot in the archery final was humiliating, but luckily not fatal.

Is tackling someone from the neck a penalty in football?

If you tackle them with your arm, yes. Shoulder no. If you tackle the arm it is known as a clothesline. It is a type of tackle made infamous by Dick "Night Train" Lane. Many players were injured using this type of tackle. A majority of the time, if the hit is deemed vicious, it will be flagged for unnecessary roughness. If the tackle happens in the back of the neck and drags the player down (outside the tackle box), this is considered a horse-collar tackle, and it also a penalty.

What machine raises and lower items using grooved wheels and ropes?

Block and tackle

Can Pikachu use volt tackle by using charge then quick attack?

Pikachu cannot naturally learn Volt Tackle. One way for a Pikachu to know Volt Tackle is if it was a Mystery Gift Pikachu from PKMN Battle Revolution. The only other way for a Pikachu to know Volt Tackle is by breeding (using a Ditto with a Pikachu or Raichu will work) a Pikachu or Raichu that is holding a Light Ball. The hatched Pichu will know moves passed from its father and Volt Tackle.

How many driving miles between phx and Oklahoma city Oklahoma?

Phoenix, AZ to Oklahoma City, OK is 953 driving miles using I-40 East.

Is it illegal to record a conversation using your cellphone in Oklahoma?

No. is it illegal to record a conversation with your cellphone without anyone knowing it in Oklahoma

Where can archery be played?

Archery can be "played" in almost any field (archery isn't really "played", as with football or baseball, though; archery is "done"), but it is usually done at what is called an archery range. A range is where a series of targets are set up at various distances from the archer, and all the archers using the range shoot from the same place (or line). This way, one archer will not be shooting while another archer is in front of him/her, eliminating the possibility of someone being shot with an arrow. Ranges can be set up both outdoors and a in building, so that archery can be done year-round.

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