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The best way to learn how to dribble a a basketball and dribble it anytime you get the chance. Try to dribble with your FINGERS and when you get comfortable learn to dribble with BOTH hands with HEAD UP but this takes a few years to perfect. Good luck....a wonderful sport.

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Q: What are the fundamentals of dribbling a basketball?
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Fundamentals of basketball?

Offence DefenceBoxing Outdribbling

What is an important aspect for basketball?

fundamentals are important aspects of basketball. the 58 basic fundamentals are: shooting, dribbling, rebounding, defense, and passing. master these and you will be on your way to being a great player.

When was dribbling added to basketball?

Dribbling was added to basketball on May 14, 1953.

What is dribbling the basketball with one hand called?

Since dribbling the basketball with TWO hands is called a foul, dribbling with ONE hand must be just dribbling. IS there a special name for one-handed dribbling?

When dribbling a basketball do you have to be walking or running?

You can be walking, running, or standing still when dribbling the basketball.

What are the fundamentals of basketball?

The fundamentals are the basic skills of basketball that make up the two aspects of the game: offense and defense. Basic offensive fundamentals are dribbling (bouncing the ball with your fingertips), passing (there are bounce passes and chest passes, where the ball does not touch the ground), and shooting (which takes a lot of practice to do well). The basic defensive fundamentals are guarding an opponent (keeping him or her from dribbling, passing, or shooting), and moving on the court. To learn these fundamentals very well, the best thing to do is find a skilled instructor to teach you. There are books, articles, and websites that do a good job describing these, but a real live instructor is best.

What is double dribbling in basketball?

dribbling with both hands

Is dribbling a basketball a force?

no dribbling bouncy balls is though

How is the skill of dribbling in soccer different from dribbling in basketball?

They are, in fact, very different from each other. Soccer dribbling only involves the feet and basketball only with hands.

What are the sports that are allowed dribbling?

Basketball and Soccer both allow "dribbling".

How do you spell dribbling?

That is the correct spelling for "dribbling" (leaking, or bouncing a basketball).

Which of Newton's laws of motion is best illustrated by the dribbling of a basketball?

Newton's third law of motion is best illustrated by the dribbling of a basketball.

What bones are used when you are dribbling a basketball?

Your boner.

What is basketball handling?

Basketball handling is also called dribbling. But handling is more than that. Its about the skill of dribbling. Like cross-overs, spiders etc. To make this less confusing its basically fancy dribbling.

Will dribbling with a golf ball everyday like a basketball improve your point guard skills?

Not much, if at all. Dribbling with a golf ball requires different hand movements and grips than if you were dribbling a basketball. Dribbling a basketball everyday or a soccer ball would work, but not so much a golf ball.

What is illegal dribbling in basketball?

Bouncing the ball very high into the air with all your might. And double dribbling which means to stop dribbling the ball, then start dribbling again.

How many steps can be taken while dribbling the basketball?

You're allowed to take as many steps as needed while dribbling the basketball, but while not dribbling and driving to the hoop, you're only allowed 2 steps while holding the basketball running towards the goal.

How do you get better at dribbling a basketball?


What is traveling in basketball?

Dribbling my hommie.

What is called when you move without dribbling the basketball?


Is dribbling basketball in neighborhood legal or illegal?

Done by: basketball GiRl

What is an adjective of basketball?

Adjectives for basketball might be powerful, jumping, dribbling.

Basketball up and down?

Bouncing a basketball up and down is called dribbling.

What to paratice at home for basketball?

Dribbling and shooting.

What is traveling in basketball terms?

Dribbling my hommie.