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Wado ryu

Shito ryu

Goju ryu


Shotokan is a style of compression and is described as "harder" Goju is described as hard and soft, Shito is more about bodily movement. Wado I'm not so sure of.

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Shorin Ryu, Shotokan,Goju ryu and Isshin Ryu

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There are hundreds of various styles of karate. To determine which of the four are most important would be difficult. One way of dividing it is Okinawan, Japanese and Korean.

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Q: What are the four major style of karate?
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What kind of karate does northern karate school hold?

shotokan style

What is the combination of Jujitsu and Karate?

The Wado ryu Karate style mixes the two about 70:30 to karate but I'm not sure that is what your looking for. Are you looking for a specific style or anything that combines the two?

What did Daniel larusso get tought in the karate kid?

Daniel Larusso got taught Shotokan Karate in the Karate Kid

What kind of style of karate is in Germany?

You can pretty much find any style of karate in Germany that you are interested in, including:Shorin ryuTang Soo DoTaekwondo!

Does karate have a master?

You would find the listings in many of the karate histories. The book Okinawan Karate: Teachers, Styles and Secret Techniques by Mark Bishop provides hundreds of senior practitioners and their lineage.

What is goju-ryu?

Its an Okinawan style of Karate.

Is it better to choose a style of karate or do the regular?

Each school teaches a specific style. There is no 'regular' karate. There are many similarities between all of the styles, with a few differences.

What is wada ryu karate?

Wada ryu karate is a form of karate that has influences from all the main styles of karate, but the only differences are in the kata's. for example, the pinan's and unsu are from Wada ryu style.

What is American Karate?

American Karate is a style based on karate from Asia. It has been changed by Americans for various reasons, some of which is to approach the American style of fighting. There is also American Kempo which may be the same thing, depending on what school or system you are working with.

What is the fighting style the Mishima family uses?

Japanese karate

Where can you get a karate timeline?

That will depend on what it is you are looking for. If there is a specific style of karate, your organization is probably the best bet. If you are looking for karate in general Mark Bishop's book Okinawan Karate is a good source. Haines Karate's History and Tradition is another source.

What is shotokan?

It translates to The House of Shoto. It is a style of karate developed in Japan by Funikoshi, based on Shorin Ryu Karate from Okinawa.