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no part of your body can touch the volleyball net

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Q: What are the faults of the player at the net in volleyball?
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How many faults in tennis can a player have or a net?

2 faults

Common faults in volleyball?

Doubles, net violations, out of rotation, foot fault, lift, etc.

Can a player touch the top of the net in volleyball?


Can a player contact another player under the net in volleyball?


Can a volleyball player touch the top of the net?

No, in club volleyball, you can touch any part of the net except for the top tape, and in high school and college, you cannot touch any part of the net.

Is a player allowed to touch the net when spiking a ball in volleyball?


In volleyball is it legal for players to touch the net?

No a player cannot touch the net at all during the game.

What is a net foul in volleyball?

A net foul is when a player from a team hits the net with their hand or arm when blocking the ball or spiking the ball.

What's the difference between volleyball and tennis?

The net of tennis is shorter then a net for volleyball.

In a volleyball game if a player blocks a ball but his hand touches the net what happens?

A net violation is called on that player and the point is awarded to the other team.

Can the ball touch the net during a rally in volleyball?

Yes the ball can touch the net, but the player can't touch the top of the net or bottom.

What happens if player touches the net in volleyball?

The ball goes to the other team.

The Line that is parellel to the net but ten feet away in volleyball?

because you need some space between the player and the net

When a player hits the net but still goes over in volleyball what happens?

If a PLAYER hits the net, then it's called as a net violation and the opposite team gets a point, but if the BALL hit's the net, it's still in play.

What is the height of a volleyball net in middle school?

the net height for volleyball is about what

What is the height of the volleyball net for womens and co-ed?

The height of the volleyball net for women's indoor volleyball is 7'4"

What is a volleyball net made out of?

A volleyball net is made out of.........wit from rope and twine

How tall is a volleyball net from the floor?

Type your answer here... how tall is a volleyball net

How many holes are in a volleyball net?

There are 1360 squares in a volleyball net thank you very much!

What is the distance from the volleyball net to the serving line for volleyball?

The distance from the volleyball net to the serving line for volleyball is approximately 29 feet and 6 inches.

What is the meaning of dink in volleyball?

the term is actually called "a tip" this is when the volleyball player tips the ball of the net with one hand. they usually use fingers.

How far is a volleyball net?


Can a volleyball player block by puttin their handso over the net?

Yes, you can do that but you can not touch the net with any part of your body or any part of the clothing.

What happens in volleyball if a Player goes up for a spike and reaches over the net crossing it?

It doesn't matter as long as they don't touch the net.

How height is the net for volleyball men?

The height of the net for mens volleyball is 8' tall.