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Q: What are the disadvantage s of using ICT in Sports?
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What is the diffference between ict and ict's?

It has a "S"

How do hospitals use ict?

Hospitals use ICT everyday, they use ICT in the adminstration department mostly were they check which patient(s) have come today and which patient(s) haven't. They also use ICT to help ammend, create and delete patient records. Without ICT it would be really hard to understand things and also a waste of time going to the hospital.

Disadvantage of programming language?

Disadvantage as opposed to what? Inputing a bunch of 1's and 0's by hand?

When in time the first ICT was invented?

In the 1960's by an unknown artist.

Sports in 1970's?

sports in 1970's were Football,Basketball,Baseball,and soccer

When were sports discovered?

Sports were discovered in 60's.

When was ICT invented?

ICT stand for Information Communication Technology. So its hard to say when the whole concept of ICT was invented. The computer was first invented in 1936, however, these computers were much different to the PC's of today. Mobile phones were invented in the late 1940's. Overall, ICT is rapidly growing. What should we expect in the year 3010?

What are the advantage and disadvantage of relational database management system?


What is one disadvantage of living before the 1950's?


Explain s the application of relation and mapping in areas of ICT?

sjhsy umjd

What sports were there in the 1700's?

wrestling, and tennis were all sports played during the 1700's

What sports were popular in America in the 1870's?

Cricket and Rugby were popular sports in 1870's

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