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the floor we always compete on is 42' by 42' with 7 strips 6 feet wide

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Q: What are the dimensions of a regulation cheerleading sprung floor?
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Does Harvard's cheerleading program include a spring floor?

yes it does

What is the best surface for a cheerleading jump?

Mats, or a gymnastics floor-tumbling area.

Is cheerleading just like gymnastic?

No, cheerleading and gymnastics are very similar, but gymnastics has four elements (bar, beam, floor, and vault) and cheerleaders stunts

How high is the goal in regulation basketball?

The top of the regulation goal is 10 feet above and perpendicular to the floor.

What kind of equiptment do you need for cheerleading?

a spring board floor, mats, a tumble track

What is the height of a regulation goal in basketball?

The regulation height is 10 feet (3.048 meters) above and perpendicular to the floor.

Can a person be injured in cheerleading because of no mats?

It is possible that you could be injured in cheerleading because of there not being mats. There should always be mats or a springboard floor in cheerleading, for the athletes to practice on. If at your gym there are not, I suggest you remove your daughter from the squad immediately

How high is the net from the floor in women's volleyball?

Regulation is 24.24 meters.

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10 feet by 14 feet

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regulation and control of magical creatures!

How wide is the paint on a regulation size basketball floor?

863245678 miles long

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