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AnswerTouchdown by carrying the ball and running over the goal line into the end zone, touchdown by retention of a legal pass in the end zone; kicking the ball through the uprights of the goalposts, and recovering the ball in the opponent's end zone - a safety.

touchdown- 6pts

extra point- 1pt (after touchdown)

2 point conversion- 2pts (after touchdown-optional)


field goal-3pts

there are other ways to score, but they rarely happen.

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Q: What are the different ways you can score in the game of football?
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How many ways can a team score 15 points in a football game?

11 ways

How many ways are there to score twenty-one points in a football game?


What are five different ways to score points in a football game?

touchdown field goal extra point safety 2 point conversion

How many ways can the defense score in football?

3 ways

How many different ways can a basketball player score nine points in a game?

In basketball a player is able to score 1point, 2points, or 3 points. There are 12 possible ways to score nine points.

What two ways can you kick a football in the game football?

Finese and lace shot

Soccer is to goal as rugby is to what?

Score. There are two major ways to score, a goal or a try. Historically, a try only afforded you the opportunity to 'try' to score a goal. The historic origins of both rugby union and association football are the same however they have both evolved in different ways.

What are the 2 ways a football team can score 2 points?

Safety and a 2-point conversion

How many different ways are there to score 60 on a dartboard with 3 different darts?


What different ways are there to score 60 on a dartboard with 3 darts?


What are two ways besides a touchdown and a feildgoal to score points ina football game?

Safety (tackling the ball carrier while being in his own endzone) and PAT (Point After Touchdown), I think.

What are all the ways in which a football team can score 6 points?

1 T.D. or 2 field goals or 3 safeties

How are fractions and decimals used in football?

They Can Be used in many ways of such are the speed of a ball the score the speed of the player and his and many more

Who is the only NHL player to score all five ways in one game?

super Mario lemieux

What are the 9 different ways to score a goal in soccer?

There is only one way to scre in football: put the ball completely over the line within the goalposts and under the crossbar, without having made a foul to do so.

What are 5 ways to score in a game of rounders?

In order to score in a game of RounderÍs you will have to do different things. Like reaching and touching the fourth post before the next ball bowels, getting to the fourth post with no balls, reaching the fourth post without getting hit by a ball or get hit backwards when the fourth post is touched.

Where would one get a free football?

There are not to many different ways to get a free football. Sometimes, if a football player makes a great play, he will then throw the football in the stands and you can try to catch it, but that is not very likely.

What are the rules for football?

One rule for football is that you are not allowed to hold anyone when you tackle them. ____ The basic rules: Each team has to get the ball into the opposing end zone to score. You have 4 tries to get 10 yards, and if you can't, then you turn the ball over to the other team. If you can, then you get another 4 tries to go 10 more yards, and so on until you get to the end zone to score. There are two basic ways to score... run in or catch the ball in the end zone, or kick it through the goal posts in the end zone. ... obviously the game is much more complex, and there are additional ways to score and rules about how you can try to stop your opponents from getting 10 yards. For more information on football rules (American football), please see the related link below to the National Football League's Rulebook page, which has both basic and more complex information.

Can you get live football scores off the internet?

Football scores from famous games are now conveyed in a number of ways, and aside from actually being at the event, the internet is the top resource for gathering the score listings.

How many different ways can you win a 7 game series?


Where in the UK can one watch live football?

One can watch live football in many different ways. Actually going to the game at a stadium or going to a pub are only two of various options. It is possible to watch live football in the comfort of one's home, or even on the go, on smartphones and tablets.

How many different ways can you score a 289 in bowling?

There are two general ways of bowling a 289 game: 1) Start with 10 strikes, then 9 count, and pick up the spare 2) Start with a spare, then 10 strikes, then a 9 on your last ball. Within those general ways, there are many variations. In the first, there are theoretically 10 different ways to get a 9-count on the 11th ball. In the second, there are theoretically 1,023 ways to get a spare in the first frame, and 10 different ways to get a 9-count on the last ball.

What are the advantages of friction in football?

I can right in many different WaysI can right in many different WaysI can right in many different WaysI can right in many different Ways

When did football start using throwing?

Im pretty sure they were throwing before they were running throwing has always been a technique in football but both ways of the game have new plays and new ways of throwing and running the balll.

What does it mean to be a good 'footballer' for a rugby player?

To clarify the term football refers back to when the game was in fact football. When football (soccer) and rugby went their different ways we saw the start of The Rugby Football Union which is what is still called today . The game still requires strong elements of kicking, foot work and running dexterity. In the terms used here a "good footballer" refers to the skills of the player generically.