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In the NFL there are different ways to score. For example, there is the touchdown where a team makes their way down the field to score in the endzone.(Worth 6 points) There is the extra point(s) after that a team may or may not acquire whether it be a field goal(Worth 1 point) or a two point conversion(Worth 2 points). There is just a field goal(Worth 3 points) which a team can get if they cannot for whatever reason score in the endzone. There is also a safety(Worth 2 points) that a team can get if they manage to back up any players of the opposing into their own endzone and bring them down to their knees with the ball in hand or gets them to go out of bounds.

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Q: Four ways to score on a football field?
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What are all the ways in which a football team can score 6 points?

1 T.D. or 2 field goals or 3 safeties

How many ways can the defense score in football?

3 ways

How many ways can a team score 15 points in a football game?

11 ways

Can you score a field goal without a touchdown in the NFL?

Scoring a field goal in American football cannot be done in conjunction with a touchdown. They are two independent ways of scoring. You may have meant can you score an "extra point" without a touchdown. In American football, extra points (1 or 2 depending on type of play), can only happen in conjunction with a touchdown. In Canadian football, they may be scored under circumstances not related to a touchdown.

How many ways are there to score twenty-one points in a football game?


What are five different ways to score points in a football game?

touchdown field goal extra point safety 2 point conversion

What are the 2 ways a football team can score 2 points?

Safety and a 2-point conversion

What are 3 ways a turnover can occur on a football field?

Interception, fumble, or turnover on downs.

How are fractions and decimals used in football?

They Can Be used in many ways of such are the speed of a ball the score the speed of the player and his and many more

How many ways can a team score in football and for how many points?

Touchdown - 6 Point after Touchdown - 1 Two-Point Conversion - 2 Field Goal - 3 Safety - 2

Soccer is to goal as rugby is to what?

Score. There are two major ways to score, a goal or a try. Historically, a try only afforded you the opportunity to 'try' to score a goal. The historic origins of both rugby union and association football are the same however they have both evolved in different ways.

Can you get live football scores off the internet?

Football scores from famous games are now conveyed in a number of ways, and aside from actually being at the event, the internet is the top resource for gathering the score listings.

In what ways can you use meter?

Meter can be used to find small distances, such as the length of a car, a bed, or a football field, and many others.

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How do you win a football match?

Generally to win you need to score more goals than the other team but you can win in other ways including, disiplinary, drug problems etc

How many footballs would fit in a football field long ways?

One answer:34104 Another answer:A football field is 100 yards long. That is 300 feet, or 3600 inches. An official NFL football is approx. 10.75 inches from end to end (it is officially measured by long axis circumference). 3600 inches divided by 10.75 = about 335 footballs laid end to end.

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How many ways can a team score 28 points in a football game?

Two 1. 4 touchdowns, including the extra points. 2. 7 feild goals and 1 touchdown, including the extra point

What are two ways besides a touchdown and a feildgoal to score points ina football game?

Safety (tackling the ball carrier while being in his own endzone) and PAT (Point After Touchdown), I think.

What are the rules for football?

One rule for football is that you are not allowed to hold anyone when you tackle them. ____ The basic rules: Each team has to get the ball into the opposing end zone to score. You have 4 tries to get 10 yards, and if you can't, then you turn the ball over to the other team. If you can, then you get another 4 tries to go 10 more yards, and so on until you get to the end zone to score. There are two basic ways to score... run in or catch the ball in the end zone, or kick it through the goal posts in the end zone. ... obviously the game is much more complex, and there are additional ways to score and rules about how you can try to stop your opponents from getting 10 yards. For more information on football rules (American football), please see the related link below to the National Football League's Rulebook page, which has both basic and more complex information.

How do you score in AFL?

there are three ways to score one is by a touchdown (6 points) another is by a field goal (3 points) (point after touchdown[PAT]=1 point) and another way to score is by safety (2 points) THERE YOU GO :] __________________________________________________________ actually that's not AFL. there are no touchdowns or field goals. in AFL there are two ways to score. If the ball is kicked through the two large posts, it is a goal, worth six points. If a ball is kicked through a large post and a small post, it is a behind, worth only one point. or, if the ball is touched, hanballed, or put through the large posts by the opposing team it is a behind instead of a goal.

How many different ways can a basketball player score nine points in a game?

In basketball a player is able to score 1point, 2points, or 3 points. There are 12 possible ways to score nine points.

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What are the different ways you can score in the game of football?

AnswerTouchdown by carrying the ball and running over the goal line into the end zone, touchdown by retention of a legal pass in the end zone; kicking the ball through the uprights of the goalposts, and recovering the ball in the opponent's end zone - a safety. touchdown- 6ptsextra point- 1pt (after touchdown)2 point conversion- 2pts (after touchdown-optional)safety-2ptsfield goal-3ptsthere are other ways to score, but they rarely happen.