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pitchers mound first base second base third base home plate outfield dugout

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Q: What are the different parts of a baseball field?
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What are all the parts of a baseball field?

diamond, and outfield

How big is the baseball field in yards?

Almost every baseball field is a different size.

How many miles is a baseball field?

There are many different answers. The feet on a baseball field is important to measure the mile's the answer has alot of answers.

What are the exact measurements from foul pole to foul pole on a baseball field?

it is different for every field

What is a baseball field?

A baseball field is a playing field upon which baseball is played.

What is an acre-dale?

An acre-dale is a piece of land in a single field, of which various different parts belong to different people.

How many outs does it take to change to a different field when playing baseball?


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The study of unique traits of different parts of the world

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Magnetic field lines.

Which best describes the field of regional geography?

The study of unique traits of different parts of the world.

What is the perimeter of a Major League Baseball field?

Put your TV on and watch and'll see every field is different

How far is the average baseball field?

the average baseball field is about 535ft is how far the baseball field.

What is the area perimeter and length of a baseball field?

theres really no answers because baseball fields are all different sizes

What are the different jobs available in the field of veterinary medicine?

Some jobs in the field of veterinary medicine are: Veterinarian ,Zoologist, Vet Tech, Anesthesiologist (on animals), Surgeon, Marine Biologist, and all of the different parts involved with researching better methods of all the parts of veterinary medicine.

Why is a softball field different from a baseball field?

The pitcher's mound is not elevated at all. (if not professional league mound can be elevated) mound is closer than baseball mound, also there is no grass in the infield

What is the pH level of the soil in the UK?

There is no one answer to this. Every location will have a different pH level. Indeed, different parts of the same field might have different pH levels.

What are the different parts of internet explorer window?

There are several different parts that are included in the Internet Explorer window. A few of these is the tab button, the web address field, the back and forward buttons and tools menu.

How big is a Major League Baseball park?

Different parks have different lengths in different places in the park. Center field is always the deepest at about 400 feet. Left and right field are at about 315-375 feet.

Difference between soft ball and baseball?

Softball uses a larger ball than baseball does. Softball bats and gloves are different in size and weight. Also a softball field is a lot smaller than a baseball field.

What is a sport that is played in two different parts of the world?

Many Sports are played in two different parts of the world including Soccer (football), Baseball, Tennis, Lacrosse etc.

Why is a baseball field hot after a baseball game?

Sun shining on the field.

What field did they play baseball in the movie twilight?

A baseball field Which one?

How many square feet are in a baseball field?

A baseball infield is 90ft on a side. Thus the square feet of the infield is 90 x 90 = 8100 square feet. The square feet of the entire playing field, infield and outfield, varies. Every baseball field has slightly different dimensions. So any answer for the square feet of a baseball field would have to be an average of all baseball fields surveyed.

Where can I fine parts for a Wards Western Field Model 16M 20 gauge Bolt Action Shotgun?

There are several types of gun stores that sell parts for different types of shotguns including models by Western Field. There are also online retailers like Amazon that sell these parts.

How many baseball players on the field?

a baseball field has exactly 15 players!