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One is a football fan and one is a Baseball fan

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Q: What are the differences between baseball and football fans?
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How many baseball fans are there?

only the americans becuse they have no life football all the way thats english football :)

What has more fans baseball or football?

Football. Fans and attendance at the events are two different things. It is impossible to know the actually fan base. But based on attendance it would be baseball by a wide margin, almost 5 to 1, but even then there are naturally going to be more people attending baseball games because there are way more baseball games played each year than football games. Then you have to look at TV and how many people watch the games. Most experts agree that Football has the most fans with baseball in second place.

Best football fans in the world?

The best football fans in the world is England Football fans.

Name a sport in which the announcers get as excited as the fans?

Football Baseball Hockey Basketball Soccer Boxing

When was Football Fans Census created?

Football Fans Census was created in 2002.

Who is the worst football fans in Britain?

liverpool fans

Who is better in football between lampard and deco?

Most Chelsea fans would definitely say Lampard.

Why is baseball the greatest sport ever?

It is a matter of opinion. Football, soccer, rugby, and all other types fans will say otherwise, but basketball fans will say it is the greatest sport ever.

Who are the most violent football fans?

They tend to be European, there is footage of massive fights between Germans and English fans.

Who of the two between Manchester united and Barcelona has the highest number of football fans in the world presently?

man utd

Who has more fans football or hockey in the us?

Football definitley

Who are the loudest football fans in the world?

pompey fans are amazing and i hate them