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Basketball: 40x90

Football: 53yrdsx120yrds

Baseball: bases are 90 feet apart, 60.5 from pitch to home

Tenis: gay

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Where does NFL rank among popular sports?

all time its Baseball, football, American football, basketball, tennis for right now its Football, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis if there is a lockout for football it will be Baseball, football, basketball, tennis, hockey, cricket, croquet, then American football.

What sports do they play In Boston?

Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Tennis.

What are some good sports?

Try basketball, football, baseball, and tennis.

What are all kind of sports?


What are some sports played?

* basketball * baseball * tennis * hockey * football * golf

What sports are played in Florida?

Football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis

What sports were played in the 1930's?

baseball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis

What do Turkish people play as sports?

They like to play football, baseball , tennis and basketball.

What are some sports they play in Oregon?


What are the top ten sport in world?

Football (Soccer)CricketHockey (Field)TennisVolleyballTable TennisBaseballGolfFootball (American)Basketball

What sports can you play?

Football, Basketball, Futbol (Soccer), Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Baseball and more.

What sports are umpired and what sports are refereed?

baseball, tennis is umpired and basketball, football, soccer, and others

What sports are there for kids?

There is Softball,Baseball,Tennis,Pingpong,Basketball,Scocer,Cheerleading,Football,and Golf.

What sports require speed?

Waterpolo, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, tennis, etc

What sports did Mac miller play?

well he played basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, table tennis, badmitton, volleyball and foosball.

What athlete has a name starting with an m?

· Magic Johnson (basketball) · Marcus Allen (football) · Maria Sharapova (tennis) · Mark Spitz (Olympic swim champion) · Marshall Faulk (football) · Martina Navratilova (tennis) · Meadowlark Lemon (basketball - Harlem Globetrotters) · Mel Ott (baseball) · Merlin Olsen (football) · Michael Jordan (basketball) · Michael Phelps (Olympic gold medal swimmer) · Michael Vick (football) · Muhammad Ali (boxer) · Moses Malone (basketball) · Archie Manning (football) · Eli Manning (football) · Peyton Manning (football) · Mickey Mantle (baseball) · Willie Mays (baseball) · John McEnroe (tennis) · Art Monk (football) · Vernon Earl Monroe (basketball) · Stan Musial (baseball)

Which sports did Jackie Robinson play?

Jackie Robinson played football, baseball, track, tennis and basketball.

List of ball sports?

There is basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, football, croquet and I think that is it.

What sports do you need a ball for?

baseball,basketball,soccer,tennis,football,vollyball,and that was deion Anthony wolfe

What are the top 5 most widely viewed sporting events?

football, baseball, soccer, tennis, and basketball

What kind of sports do they play in Hawaii?

soccer and basketball and swimming and tennis and baseball and football and all sports

What kind of sports did Russia have?

Figure skating,Ice skating,Basketball,Baseball,Football,Soccer and Tennis.

What are the sports they have?

Football Baseball Soccer Basketball Tennis hockey lacrosse Rugby Poker Volleyball and gymnastics

What were the top 5 sports whatched in the 90's?

basketball, football, baseball, hockey, tennis

What sports are played in Angola?

some of them are:basketballsoccerfootballbaseballhockeytennisswimmingrunning

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