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Javelin throwing

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Q: What sports do you use your long bones for?
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What bones do you use when you play sports?


What sports require long thin bones?

Skeleton Baseball.

What is the relationship between bones and sports?

Sports break bones.

Bones in arms and legs?

long bones

What are the importance of anatomy and physiology in the field of physical education and sports?

you need knowledge of anatomy and physiology in sports because it relates to the injuries you receive in a sport and the muscles and bones you use.

What sports use endurance?

any sport that is long distance. examples, marathons and swimming laps are endurance sports.

Use pathological in a sentence?

Long bones are also at risk from pathological fracture.

What are the long bones of the arms and legs?

the long bones of the arm are :the humerusradiusulnathe long bones of the leg are:the femurtibulafibula

What are good sports to get into?

some good sports to get into would be swimming and track. its good for the bones. also

What is a Long bones?

i think it is the thigh bone... just gonna add on to your answer your right though the longest bone is the femur. If you are looking for what the long bones are they are the Bones of the thigh, the bones of the forearms, bones of the fingers and bones of the legs. Your Ribcage bones are NOT long bones.

What bones are short bones?

Short bones are bones that are about as wide as they are long.

What are the 5 types of bones?

Long bones -- Femur, radiusShort bones -- wrists, etc.Flat -- SkullSesamoid -- patellaIrregular -- vertebraesesamoid bones, flat bones, long bones, short bones, and irregular bones

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