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It depends on your coach. Ever school is different.

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2009-06-17 20:11:07
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Q: What are the cheerleading requirements in high school?
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How do you letter in high school cheerleading?

Normally you will letter in high school cheerleading if you are on the varsity squad.

Does Washington Irving High School have a cheerleading squad?

Unfortunately Washington Irving High School does not have a cheerleading squad, but they do have a women/mens step team.

Do American high schools actually have cheerleading squads like in the movie Bring It On?

Yes, my high school does have a cheerleading squad.

What activity did miley participate in high school?


Do high school cheerleading team coaches get paid?

Most high school cheerleading coaches do get paid, yes. However, the amount they are paid varies as any job does from school to school and state to state.

Requirements to become a high school cheerleading coach?

Cheer leading coaches should have a background in cheering and gymnastics. They should also be free of a criminal record.

When did competitive cheerleading start?

Competitive cheerleading started in 1978. ESPN broadcasted the first National High School Cheerleading Competition in 1983.

How many types of cheerleading is there?

high school, rec, and allstar

Are UCA high school cheerleading nationals on ESPN this year?


What are the High School wonter sports?

The winter sports at my high school are: Swimming, Wrestling, Basketball, Cheerleading and Poms.

Requirements to be a high school football coach?

High school diploma and whatever the personal requirements are for the particular school.

Does parramatta high school do cheerleading?

yes my cousin goes there and is a cheerleader

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