What are the best college football teams of all time?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What are the best college football teams of all time?
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Who is the best college football running back of all time?

Adrian Peterson is the best.

When was the last time two teams won the national college football championship?

In 1997 Nebraska and Michigan shared the title.

Who is the best college football player of all time?

Vince Young Tim Tebow

Who is the best college football player of all time at Ohio state?

Probably Eddie George

Is the BCS college football rankings processed correctly?

NO, the wrong teams become #1 at the wrong times. Utah at a time should of been #1, Florida at a time should of been #1. even though these teams may NOT be the best team overall. at times they deserve the ranking. USC should of been #1 maybe as well.

Best college football team of all time?

The Alabama Crimson Tide.

Who was a famous football player who played 2 sports?

BoJackson,Baseball/Football(best two sport athlete of all time. Made all star teams for both sports and won the Heisman trophy)Dion sanders,Baseball FootballTony Gonzalez,Football, College basketballJim Brown,hall of fame running back,Great lacrosse midfielderJim Thorpe,Old time football great,olympic runner, basketball

What time on Sunday do the college football rankings come out?

The college football rankings are typically released on Sundays around noon Eastern Time. The official rankings are announced on various media platforms, including ESPN and the College Football Playoff website.

When was the last time two college football teams went undefeated in regular season but neither won the championship?

the last time was 2004-2005, both auburn and Utah went undefeated. USC won the championship.

What was the name of the first college football team?

The name of the first team would be up for debate since there had to be two teams to actually play football. Rutgers and Princeton played the first game in 1869. I am not aware that one claims to have organized before the other. When the games were first being played, Rutgers teams were the "Queensmen". I am not aware of Princeton's team name. There must be two teams so that begs the question, which of the two teams involved in the first "football" game organized first? The game, in 1869 was between Princeton University and the Rutgers University Queensmen. I am unaware of Princeton calling their teams by any formal name at the time. Whether that was considered "college football" is up to interpretation since it was more akin to rugby.

All time wins in college football?


How many football players are there in the world?

there is 500k football player in the world