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4 balls you get to go to first 3 stricks and you are out also if you hit the ball and the player gets it and throws the ball to the base before you get their then you are out.If you hit the ball in the air and the person catches it before it hits the ground the batter is out.Their is only 3 outs then the other team bats when they get done the ining is over

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Q: What are the basic rules to play baseball or tee ball?
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Do girls play baseball?

girls play softballthey use larger ball with different rules and regulations than baseball.Girls play Baseball Title 9!!

What are the ten basic rules of Golf?

There are more than 10 rules i am afraid, but Play the ball as it lies, Play the course as you find it, If you can not do either, do what is fair, But to do what is fair, you need to know the rules of golf. R and A.

What are the release dates for Play Ball The Authentic Little League Baseball Guide to Rules and Regulations - 2003 V?

Play Ball The Authentic Little League Baseball Guide to Rules and Regulations - 2003 V was released on: USA: 9 May 2003

What are the rules in netball?

The basic rules are: You can't move your feet with the ball. You can't touch anyone else, with or without the ball. You can't defend within three feet of the player with the ball. You must stay in your designated area of play.

Is the ball still in play if it hits a runner after it passes a fielder?

Yes, the ball is in play and the runner is not delared out. See Rule 5.07(f) in Official Major League Baseball Rules.

What are 'ground rules'?

Ground rules are any particular rules that apply to a stadium or ball park. Do to different dimensions in ball parks there are different rules at each field as to when a ball is out of play.

Can the runner in baseball advance after he is hit by a thrown ball and it goes out of bounds?

Once the ball goes out of play, the number of bases the runner is to advance will depend on the ground rules at that ball park, generally when a ball goes out of play the runner gets 1 base

How do you play volleyball and what is the rule of the game?

Have a basic idea of how to play volleyball. The objective is toServe the ballReturn the ballDon't let the ball hit the ground on your sideDon't hit a ball that is out of boundsAnd the like. Some simple rules will come naturally.source:

How do you play dominos?

See "basic rules" at the link below.

What sport typically uses the phrase play ball?

The sport baseball typically uses the phrase 'play ball'. The phrase 'play ball' is widely used in anything from little league baseball to major league baseball.

Where did the term ball come from in baseball?

its baseball because you run around bases and you play with a ball

What are baseballs?

A baseball is a ball that is used to play the game of baseball with

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