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The first freestyle competition involving mogul skiing occurred in 1971. Freestyle runs included mogul skiing, aerials, and acrobatic tricks. After a series of serious injuries related to inverted aerials, such tricks were banned from competition. This ban remained in place until recently. As mogul skiing gained popularity in its early days, the International_Ski_Federationcreated the Freestyle World Cup Circuit in 1980. Mogul events take place each year all over the world. Mogul skiing has been an official medal event in the Winter_Olympicssince Freestyle_skiing_at_the_1992_Winter_Olympics; it was a demonstration sport in Freestyle_skiing_at_the_1988_Winter_Olympicsin Calgary. The first FIS_Freestyle_World_Ski_Championshipswere held in 1986, and are currently held in odd-numbered years.

During a competition run, contestants must navigate around the moguls and execute tricks. Some common tricks include: 360 X, twister, spread, Daffy, cork-720, and backflip. The slope is very steep, usually between 24 and 32 degrees (most commonly 28 degrees), and about 656-886 feet (200-270 meter) in length.Answers.comThe jumps in a moguls competition are smaller than those in aerial competitions, and are often referred to as "kickers" for their steep take off (that "kicks" the athlete up into the air).

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Q: What are the basic rules of Mogul Skiing in the Olympic Games?
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