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The arm and hand positions vary within each skill in gymnastics. I would need a more detailed question about possible which skills you would like to know the arm/hand positions.

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Q: What are the arms and hands position in gymnastics?
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What is The position that describes the body standing erect with arms at the sides and palms of the hands facing forward?

... the Anatomical position

The Fundamental Position of the Arms and Feet in Folk Dancing?

First position is to stand straight with hands and arms facing in an oval manner, palm of hand curved 1/3 downward. hand tip balance to the pusod. as if being the orator of an orchestra.Second position has arms spread parallel. arms and feet in sideward position. palms facing upward, after first position feet together with arms passionately move oppositely forming a side ward position.Third position has Left arms raise high in oval position above head.

What is different about gymnastics and ballet?

Gymnastics is classified as a sport, but ballet is an art. Gymnastics is all about flexibility, strength and one's ability to do set moves and exercises. Ballet also needs the flexibility and strength, but is also about performance and musicality. In ballet you have to have a straight back, delicate-looking, gentle arms and turn your legs out all the time, but in gymnastics, one arches your back and your arms and hands become more 'spiky'. Ballet is not an intentionally competitive art, whereas gymnastics is all about the competitions and winning.

Do squirrel's have hands or arms?

hands and arms i spose lol ;)

What are the dance terms of folk dance?

bow and salute hands on waist hands holding skirt arms in lateral position hayon-hayon anrasete kumintang bilao free foot folded arms start with left hand

What is the benefit of the 8 to 4 o'clockhand position on steering wheel?

It is actually the 8 AND 4 hand position. By placing your hands at 8 o'clock and 4 o'clock, you take your hands and arms out of the path of an airbag opening up (in a crash)

Examples of tuck position in gymnastics?

arms up and jump and while you jump, tuck at the same time

What is the Fundamental arm position in gymnastic?

1. Arms Sideward position 2. Arms forward position 3. Arms upward position

What is a 'mount' in gymnastics?

a type of routine/position

Basic commands and position in gymnastics?


What are the 74 fundamental gymnastic positions?

T positionreverse T positionsupine line positionprone leaning positionlong sitting positionrelaxed long sitting positionhands on waisthands on hipshands on foreheadhands on neckhands forwardhands side-wardsupine line positionelbow standing positionhalf knee positionfull knee positionhook or crook positionclose hook or crook positioncharge positionarms obliquely upward positionarms obliquely downward positionleg raising positionknee raising positionforward fallout positiontrunk twisting side-ward positionhead turning positionRead more: What_are_the_fundamentals_of_gymnastics

When the body is in the anatomical position it is?

the body is assumed to be standing, the feet together, the arms to the side, and the head and eyes and palms of the hands facing forwards