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Q: What are the advantages of marking an opponent in netball?
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What is dodging in netball?

to get away from your opponent/the person marking you

What is marking and dodging in netball?

different variation of marking and dogging

What are the advantages of dodging in netball?

The advantages of dodging in Netball is that when you dodge the person marking you gets confused as to where you are so then they lose their concentration! Also if you dodge around them you are able to retrieve the ball from your team mate and also your able to intercept a pass.

How do you Outwit an opponent in netball?

you outwit your opponent innetball by

What is soccer term for guarding an opponent?


Why is marking important in netball?

Marking in netball is important to both the teams, it is used by both of the teams to stop the opposing team from gaining possession of the ball by closely monitoring each player.

What is it called if you bump in to your opponent in netball?

It is called contact

How many feet away from your opponent must you stand in a game of netball?

You have to stay 3 feet away from your opponent ( 1 metre ) in a game of netball. . :] Cheers hun.x

What is the biomechanics of netball shoulder pass?

you can use a shoulder pass in netball when someone is closly marking you and this is the only way to throw the ball

What is man on man in netball?

man on man marking is when you mark one player

How do you do a free pass in netball?

the ball automatically goes to the opponent team

How far must you be in meters from opposition when marking in netball?

3 feet away( 1 metre)

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